Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест Azim Abdumuminov is suing alleged ex-lover Ulugbeka Suleymanov. The man claims to be the real father of the heir Alexei Petrenko Melania. However, Azima is not going to meet Ulukbek.
Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест

Driver Ulukbek Suleymanov appeared in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. A resident of Bishkek, is continuing to insist that is the biological father of Melania, daughter of the widow of Alexey Petrenko Azimi Abdumuminov. The man is going to seek full custody of the child, to take him into their family. At the same time, Azim believes that Ulukbek guided by selfish intentions, and may, by agreement with the eldest heir of the famous artist Polina. Suleymanov and Abdumuminov solve the contradictions that had arisen between them, in court.

According to Azimi, Ulukbek stalking her. Woman refuses to do a DNA test to establish who is the real father of Melania, which Suleymanov calls Aliya.

The daughter of Alexei Petrenko will be a DNA test

“This man is threatening me like I owe him something and I obliged. If he wanted to sort out in court, then so be it – shared Abdumuminov in the break between the regular session. – What sense to do a DNA test? We have a father who acknowledged paternity, and family. And then a man 11 years suddenly falls down and says, “Hello, I’m your uncle.” This is absurd. And you about the baby, don’t you think?”
Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест

Abdumuminov support Emmanuel Vitorgan Irina Mlodik. The couple appear in court as friends of the widow of Alexey Petrenko and witnesses. They admitted that they did not expect such a turn of events. “Alexey was a child from infancy, raised him. That’s for sure. Where did Ulukbek? Who is this man just another con man?” perplexed Mladic.

Mother Azimi Abdumuminov Saodat ishmuhamedova against Ulugbek, once worked as a driver, her daughter, and calls him an alcoholic and a bum. Parent Suleymanov Nurbubu appeared in the Studio, to protect his son. “Azim is struggling for money. Does my son look like a bum? Let it first for yourself look,” says the mother of Ulugbek. Nurbubu does not hide the negative attitude to Abdumuminov. Once she even allegedly kicked Suleymanov from home.

The father of Ulugbek jumabay eagerly waiting when Aliya will come to them. The man had already prepared a room for girls. But for the most Azime he is not very good.

“We have Aliya will not want for anything. Wish she was with us, our blood. It is very similar to my son. By the way, I named the girl aliyah… No Melania there is not a hint at their appearance. Her mother – Sonka the Golden hand, he chased the big money. No love was not there, I just wanted to Rob the old man and to arrange a personal life,” said jumabay.
Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест

A friend of the widow of Alexey Petrenko Gulnara Degenbaeva says that once Azim represented her Ulukbek as her husband. According to the memoirs of women, Suleymanov doted on their daughter. After some time Abdumuminov visited Degenbaeva with Alexei Petrenko. “I didn’t say anything, preferring not to interfere in their personal life. I was told that the girl was baptized. We used to call her Aliya, and then she became the Melania”, – remembers Gulnara.

Some believe that Abdumuminov could use the services of a witch to the famous actor fell in love with her. The witch Potalova Rima argues that Azim allegedly turned to her, wanting to prioritise Alexei Vasilyevich. A woman is outraged by what happened, in her opinion, a famous actor. “I think people [Abdumuminov] became a passion, and courage. I think, then it [Petrenko] sent damage. The man decided to get rid of the burden,” – said Potalova.

Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест

Polina Petrenko, who also joined the lively debate in the Studio of the TV show, denies conspiracy Ulugbeka. “Version Azimi is yet another lie and fantasy”, – says the woman. She always suspected that Melania does not have the artist native, so turned to the private detective. Eventually the daughter Petrenko brought a lawyer Ulugbek, who began the search for the missing heiress.

Continuing the investigation, Pauline received a certificate from the hospital spondylitis, dated 1972. It argues that Petrenko was suffering from mental health problems. According to Pauline, the father has long been a manic-depressive psychosis, since the late 60s. So the star of the cinema and theatre sometimes behaved inappropriately.

“Mental status: lethargic, pained facial expressions, speaks little, barely. Expresses the idea of “guilt” (not coping with me), summed up the theatre, can’t learn a new role. Thinks he should quit work to go to Ukraine, to engage in physical labor. The morning was dominated by a sense of longing. Diagnosis: manic-depressive psychosis, circular type”, – the document says.
Почему вдова Алексея Петренко запрещает дочери проходить ДНК-тест

Transmission experts expressed doubts about the authenticity of the help and diagnosis, allegedly delivered Petrenko.

Live Pauline also spoke about the exhumation of the body of the father. “Maybe you’ll have to resort to this,” said the daughter of the stars. The woman believes that Alexey Vasilevich has died a violent death.

Each artist Viktor Merezhko suddenly was on the side of Pauline, but about the exhumation did not say definitely.

“I fear the lady is now suing her. It’s some kind of animal fear. There are all sorts of energy things, that’s all, – said the Director. – Let’s see what happens with the Dzhigarkhanyan. It didn’t, fortunately, to the end point, and Alexei Vasilievich, I’m afraid, been brought. I know that my statement is too bold, it may end a lawsuit by this lady.”