«Мечта сбылась!» Настасье Самбурской подарили «Бентли»
Actress today celebrated his 31st birthday.

Photo: Instagram

Nastasya Samburski today celebrates his birthday. The actress turned 31. On this occasion, the star gathered friends and received a gift of a dream car — a Bentley. However, so far only toy battery powered with remote control. Such a gift presented to actress friends, if you believe the message itself nastasi.

“Today’s my birthday. A dream come true! in a manner peculiar to himself Samburski wrote in a personal blog. — I celebrated with friends this event gave me a Bentley. And if you’re a car not presented to 31 years, then you’re a sucker!”

As it turned out, this is no joke. In early December last year, Nastasya Samburski joked in Instagram that so many works due to the fact that he wants to save up for a Bentley. Though friends Nastasia the poorest people in the country, but still not enough to buy a friend an expensive car. So they decided to fulfill her dream.

Joke Nastasia liked, and she immediately decided to share it with their fans, which in her personal blog for almost 10 million people. They, too, have greeted the actress with her personal new year and wished still to save up for a real English car, the price of which starts from 11 million rubles. By the way, is that Samburski moves on the Japanese jeep “Lexus”, costing a little more than two million rubles.