Гибель сына Татьяны Зайцевой могли спровоцировать наркотики и секта The singer and her sister told me, as was Alex. In the program “really” Tatina and Elena have met with the widow of a young man whose life was cut short in 2015. The familiar Cherenkov remembered that he had a serious problem: he could hear voices.
Гибель сына Татьяны Зайцевой могли спровоцировать наркотики и секта

Alexei Cherenkov, the son of Tatiana Zaitseva, died in 2015. As it became known, the young man climbed over the stair railing and jumped onto the roof of the train station, which stood on the station. The driver did not notice him, moved off, and the Cuttings failed. Still some take the position that Alex committed suicide. In the program “really” appeared Zaytsev sisters, widow Cherenkov Aysylu, as well as people who knew their family.

As told by the artist, Alex always said that he had two moms. According to Elena, she was his friend, and moreover, the singer defended him from bullies.

Tatiana recalls that from an early age, guy grew up very brave, and loved to test himself. He came from Cyprus in Moscow. Shortly before the incident Alex had a fight with Aysylu. Presumably, their conflict was provoked by Cherenkov on the jump. Tatiana does not believe that the guy killed himself.

“It was my opinion to push. You know, when people get angry. But then he would have chosen something simpler,” said Lena.

Гибель сына Татьяны Зайцевой могли спровоцировать наркотики и секта

Aysylu joined the participants in the program. Widow Cherenkov insist on a truthful conversation. “I believe that they did not know my son,” said the girl. She and Alex spent a lot of time.

“He had a lot of resentment accumulated in the mother. The conflict that occurred between them, could have negative consequences,” – said the widow of Cherenkov radiation.
Гибель сына Татьяны Зайцевой могли спровоцировать наркотики и секта

According to Aysylu, he was constantly pampered, and he had no need to earn. They met up with Alex during the work on the “open space”. The experts found out that she tried drugs. Some time they learned to live without fear with other people.

Гибель сына Татьяны Зайцевой могли спровоцировать наркотики и секта

Expert transmission was Anastasia Volochkova. She sharply spoke to the artists that sparked a squabble. “I think you Tatiana and Elena were busy in myself more… My dear, about the cult, I know firsthand. About 5-6 years ago I have destroyed a family because of this. They are trying to give people what is not”, – said Volochkova.

Elena and Tatiana accused her of alcoholism and immoral behavior. Then women demanded that the dancer left the Studio.

Fiancee Cherenkov claims that she was disturbed by his game with death. She asked me to stop. KVK said the mother of the child Alex, they had problems with the tools.

On the day of death of Alexei Aysylu haven’t had a chance to talk to him.

“We quarreled over that, or he stops doing it, or we disagree. He had stress related to the fact that he had to abruptly grow up. I don’t know what was going on in his head,” said the girl.

One of Alexei that didn’t Zaytsev, Mikhail Kurushin claimed that in 2012, Alex left home and lived with him. Besides, it turned out that the guy used drugs. Probably illegal drugs could provoke a change in his behavior.

According to Zaitseva, Aysylu had entered into an intimate relationship with Michael. However, the guy rejects it. The widow Cherenkov was allegedly another son. But she never admitted it.

Another friend of the pair Zoe Zhilenko claims that Alex heard some little voice that told him to risk his life. Experts have suggested: the guy could be OCD.

Shooting strongly influenced by their living relatives. Responding negatively to the words of Konstantin Miroshnik, they pounced on him with fists. He’s probably too hurt sisters opinion about Alexei. Zaytsev sisters scandal on the set of the show Shepeleva