Why Darius Voskoboeva was among the best at “Battle of psychics”

Почему Дария Воскобоева оказалась в числе лучших на «Битве экстрасенсов» Participant of the 17th season, is one of the strongest on the project. For several ethers it affirms their psychic abilities. This time her picture appeared in a white envelope.

      Почему Дария Воскобоева оказалась в числе лучших на «Битве экстрасенсов»

      At the end of another edition of the 17th season of the project “Battle of psychics” one of the best was recognized as 36-year-old witch Darius Voskoboeva. This time other participants were convinced that the chances of winning very high. With every challenge she confirms his extraordinary ability, which, incidentally, passed on from grandparents. Information is not exactly confirmed, but according to friends of the psychic when I was a kid, she fell from the roof of a five storey building. In a time when there was falling, she heard a voice inside that told her that everything will be fine. Miracle or not, but suddenly the girl changed the trajectory of the fall and was on the second floor. She could not recover, and the voice continued to insist that she transferred the unusual ability that she must immediately begin to develop.

      A gift from above: as participants of “Battle of psychics” found his strength

      There is also a view that their future gift Dariya required grandfather, with whom in childish age, she went to the field. He asked his granddaughter to catch a steppe bird. But in order for this to work, it was important it was important to merge with the earth and grass, to cease to be visible. When the girl managed to do it, her cousin said that she was special. After that life of the future witches has changed dramatically. She began to work a lot, to train and improve is inherent in her abilities. It was not easy, because most of her family refused to believe in its uniqueness. It generated a lot of jokes and pranks that hurt Voskoboeva. But she found the strength to overcome this pressure and open up a different reality.

      Почему Дария Воскобоева оказалась в числе лучших на «Битве экстрасенсов»

      It is known that after school, Daria entered the pedagogical Institute named after A. I. Herzen. After graduation, she seriously was engaged in extrasensory. Even in those early years she was able to direct and remove the damage, clean the apartment from supernatural forces to help people in their troubles. Over time, these skills had only improved. Its call “war witch,” and it positions itself as a medium, Ranger, wizard witchcraft of the East and Charmer of animals and birds. In her work she combines the ancient rituals with modern methods. Darius recognizes that it handles quite a large number of people with the same problems. To many, she advises to start working on yourself to develop a magical beginning.

      “Only the development of new knowledge and skills can radically change a life and remove the problems people often turn to me. And I often talk about it, that I can help once, twice, but to walk all his life and put a straw – no! “How to become a magician?” is, perhaps, the best recourse I’ve ever heard!” – recognized Voskoboeva.

      Your arrival to “Battle” the witch believes is not accidental. Posiva in St. Petersburg, she met with Natalia Panteeva and joined her clan. The long and persistently trained her, and, in fact, she also insisted on the fact that Darius attempted to himself in the program. The winner of the ninth season probably suspected what risk is, sending ward. Voskoboeva accurately determined the car, which was hiding. However, the brothers Safronov this seemed suspicious, and they asked clairvoyant pass this task again. She was unable to specify the correct car, but told all about the girl who hid at this time in the trunk of a car. Then it was decided that if the psychic can guess the third time, you will continue to participate in the contest. To the surprise of the audience, Darius did a great job.

      During the last test Voskoboeva was able to understand the tasks and help the main characters to their troubles. Her appearance on the set was accompanied by a long silence, and her answers struck skeptics “battle of the psychics”. On one of the tests it was necessary to determine who is at the door, and after figuring out that this person is worried. In the end, the “battle witch” showed the best result.

      While Voskoboeva continues to be low-key and not heavily sprayed about a well-deserved victory. She always tried to avoid excessive emotional flow, otherwise it is, according to her, can have a negative impact in the future. Looking for iron Voskoboeva, fans are wondering how things are going in her personal life. Judging by the photos on social networks, she has a husband, son Sasha and daughter Bozena. The medium managed to create a full-fledged and formed a unit of society, but her inner world is in constant motion, he changes along with it.

      “We were all created in the image and likeness, but someone has a genetic predisposition and this is easier for people to develop their abilities. Only knowledge and experience of the study are the true way to develop psychic abilities!” – says a participant of “Battle”.

      Darius prefers prefers not to dwell on their loved ones, as it believes that this can lead to disappointing results. Anyway, since coming to the program she pleases subscribers family snapshots, according to which, the on-screen image, according to users, it does not seem so grim and mysterious. Darius admits that he tries to be around children as often as possible. It deals with their upbringing, education, visits with them a variety of sports clubs, thereby to diversify the lives of their younger heirs. Followers believe that Voskoboeva looks good, despite a very busy schedule, and her powerful gaze will certainly bring it to the final.

      “Watching You in the project,I admire your work! I wish you victory!” “Waiting for each episode psychics look! What you do is really cool! I have no doubt that will be in the top three!”, “Your abilities inspire me! Hope that You will be able to show!” – share their opinion followers in Instagram.