Actress “Bewitched” had defiled a Hollywood producer

Актрису «Зачарованных» обесчестил голливудский продюсер 43-year-old rose McGowan wrote in his account on “Twitter” that she was abused by powerful men. His name the woman did not disclose. Fans of the actress are seriously concerned and trying to get her answer.

      Known for the TV series “Charmed” actress rose McGowan never ceases to amaze his fans. She recently published a short post where you said that it has dishonored one American producer. Your post, the actress was accompanied by the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport. She did not provide details of the incident. Moreover, McGowan decided not to reveal the name of her rapist, and told me when it happened.

      The reaction of the followers was predictable. They started to throw this entry in his page in the social network, thereby to disclose what he told rose. In her microblog subscribers also began to ask questions and try to see at least some details. However, the woman did not respond to the request of the Network users. I must admit that in the “Twitter” on her post responded American television personality and model Dallas Harrison, which was supported by McGowan, saying that he deserves better. Obviously, for her the news was a real shock.

      #Aboussafy: bitter memories of women about violence and condemnation in the Network

      It is worth noting that such antics on the part of the actress for many are not a surprise. On his page in the social network, it often puts provocative pictures, accompanying their unflattering comments. Lately she is actively involved against the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump. Part of the subscribers support it, but there are those who claim that such behavior is not allowed for a held female. In my 43 years, the star does not hide the toned figure and often displays it to the public. Now, in order to support the social movement against violence against women, she decided to tell his secret.