Anita Tsoy moved to the side of blondes

Анита Цой перешла на сторону блондинок On his page in the social network, the singer shared a video in which she appeared in unexpected manner. Many subscribers are immediately able to recognize in a younger person his favorite singer.

      Anita Tsoy does not cease to surprise its followers. This time she posted in “Instagram video, in which they reacted to the fans. The singer dyed her hair in bright color and turned into ash blonde. Netizens found that the usual long curls or chocolate favorite color. This time Anita decided to become a blonde and choose a shorter haircut.

      The transformation of the singer appealed to her followers. In their view, Choi began to look younger and brighter. Ometry that he had long wanted to see their idol in this role. Someone expressed her gratitude for the fact that she was the inspiration for their experiments. Subscribers called the act of the artist’s bold, because it thus shows how important it is at any age to change something, regardless of the circumstances. Sleek style is complemented by red lipstick, which gives the 45-year-old star a special charm.

      “Very beautiful, elegant and positive”, “You look great with blonde hair! Very beautiful!” “Anita, you’re cool blonde beauty!”, “Hair color is very-very tasty!”, “Oh my God, what a hottie! Suits you very well!” – enthusiastically wrote the subscribers in Instagram.

      Anita also had time to talk about the reasons why at the moment been found in Sweden. She is on the set of her new music video. According to the singer, must be something unusual, but interesting. It is obvious that the new way will be the key during the creative process. Choi admitted that he cannot imagine his life without music, which was started on inner fire and gave me strength to continue working. In his microblog she managed to thank Mikhail Gutseriev for writing the song, and Alan badoeva for Director’s idea and concept.

      Anita Choi sang long dream

      “For me it is very important that each new job was a real adventure. Only then is there a special drive and interest in work. Of course, the first place song!” – admitted Anita.

      Members noted that the positive attitude of the actress has passed on to them. They want to meet new creative brainchild of the changed stars. Obviously, Anita herself is in awe of its appearance. She did not hide this from its users, so opublikovala some videos from the filming in a European country.