Кто на новенького? В Сети бурно обсуждают нового ведущего «Субботнего вечера»
There is information about who can take the place of Andrei Malakhov.

Yulia Menshova and Dmitry Shepelev

The departure of Andrey Malakhov from the First channel provoked to guide two problems. To the left of “home sweet home” TV presenter had to find two replacements who will take his post in “Let them talk” and the new owner of the Studio Saturday night. And if the first problem was solved quite simply — Dmitry Borisov had already removed the new releases of the scandalous talk show, with the second having a bit of difficulty.

After it was announced the closure of the show “Alone with all”, the network appeared the information that Yulia Menshovoj suggested to become the leading “Saturday night”. These rumors indirectly confirmed itself the leading, confessing that the First channel has offered cooperation in two projects. However, before Stanislav Sadalsky said that Menchov missed the opportunity to take the seat of the leading rating program. Allegedly, the leadership bowed in your choice of Dmitry Shepelev.

“It was the dream place to take Malakhova Yulia Menshova, but… flying with plywood — alone with all. While it’s a terrible secret, who will be leading Saturday. But you will say: it is likely that K. L. is inclined to Shepelevo!” — said by “the big secret” Sadalsky. Incidentally, he was the first who reported that Dmitry Borisov took place at the Malakhov “Let them talk”, which indicates that the actor has used information from reliable sources.

Fans of the program to this message responded ambiguously. In the opinion of the users of the Network, Menchov would be much more fitting for the role of leading the “Saturday night”, because, thanks to years of work in “Alone with all”, she is personally familiar with most of the stars of the Russian show-business.