Регина Тодоренко впервые выйдет на театральные подмостки
The presenter will play a major role in the play “Lay his wife to the pawnshop.

Регина Тодоренко впервые выйдет на театральные подмостки

Regina todorenko at the rehearsal

Photo: press office of the Regina Todorenko

It seems that restless energy leading the
the popular show on the travel haunts her and makes them not only
adventures and new interesting things in which to achieve perfection. Regina
Todorenko went to conquer the stage. The debut of a young actress
will be the role of the adventuress in the play “Lay wife to the pawnshop”, the Director
which was Sergei Rost.

“The offer to play the lead female role in
the play came to me quite suddenly, said Regina. — I
called and said was sent to mail the script and asked to see it.
My joy knew no bounds, because to play in the theater was my dream. In
when I told my mom that I should be “adresoj”. So I was confused
letters. When I was 10 years old, played in the children’s musical theater “Balaganchik”
in his native Odessa. At first, just studied the basics of acting
skill, and then another, and worked. We toured a lot and went on
various festivals, concerts and competitions. And in thirteen, I earned my
the first fee, speaking at a children’s party. When I received the offer
try your hand on the stage, I immediately agreed. Travel
become an integral part of my life and this part is beautiful. But the theatre is
new round, which became a distraction, a new sphere of activity in lucid

Despite the fact that the script was light and comical,
the first rehearsal was difficult for Regina.

“When I came to the first rehearsal, it became clear that
the Director of the play Sergey Rost has completely changed the scenario. He simply
rewrote, said Regina. — You should have seen my astonished eyes! “How? What
we play at all?” I asked the question Growth.
“Oh, don’t worry! Read — understand,” — came in response. And
indeed, a new script came right to my taste: there was the irony, and
sarcasm, and life, which was not in the previous version. So I
looking forward to the premiere”.

Regina todorenko at the rehearsal

Photo: press office of the Regina Todorenko

As for the image of the heroine, which
plays Todorenko, then, according to the aspiring actress, she collects it from
different “masks” in which she had to exist previously. In the main
the heroine is a bit from the Julia Roberts, a piece from Cameron Diaz and a piece of
most Regina.

“My daughter is only 22 and she very soon
graduates — said Regina. — Due to her youth she is
excitable, childish, children’s, around surprised. However, she is wise beyond her years and able to empathize.
Want to make it light, ethereal and delicate. By the way, she very sincerely
loves her young man who is constantly cheating on her. He is a real
bastard, and she continues to hope for the best. Naive babe, I swear.”

The premiere with the participation of famous
the traveler will be held on 28 August in Moscow, after which the performance will be
to see in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Kherson and other cities of Ukraine.

“To be honest, I’m really scared, — shared his
experiences Regina. — I think about the play every 25 minutes and covers me
wild fear: of breath, pain in lower abdomen, my knees just shaking
go. A lot of emotions and most importantly they do not waste. The day of the premiere is close. Internally
I’m ready, as this is my first adult work, and want to do their best
result. After I go on another tour and came back and will continue to work
on the stage”.