Мария Кожевникова стала льготницей
The actress received the certificate of a large family.

Maria Kozhevnikova became exempt

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Last week actress Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband, businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev received the birth certificate of his younger son and filed to receive documents confirming the status of their families. Recall, the couple has three sons.

Today Kozhevnikov received the documents at hand, this means that they are now husband and children have the right to a number of benefits available to large families.

For example, Maria could not put the sons in turn in a municipal kindergarten or school — all schools are obliged to take her children without a queue. And they are entitled to free meals twice a day! Also once a year the parents reimburse 5000 rubles for the purchase of clothing for school. Members of large families can be once a month free access to the municipal baths, the Botanical gardens or the zoo.


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One of the parents has the right to free travel on public transport. This benefit Kozhevnikova and her husband are unlikely to use: each of them has a personal car, but such a nice bonus as Parking in the capital, would be superfluous. It is no secret that to put the car inside the Garden ring costs 200 rubles per hour, so this benefit will definitely be a savings for the family budget.

Yet, according to the law, the family Kozhevnikova and Vasiliev put land in the suburbs. However, in the capital region land to the beneficiaries are not given for her absence. The law on compensation for non-granting the land plots to large families is still under discussion. Perhaps Maria will be able to “promote” the project, when released from the decree.