Who of the participants of “the Bachelor” will be for Yegor creed perfect wife

Кто из участниц «Холостяка» станет для Егора Крида идеальной женой The astrologer analyzed the compatibility of singer and the girls. Now for the heart of Yegor creed fight five contenders. Perhaps with one of them, the musician will develop a harmonious relationship that will lead to the creation of a family.
Кто из участниц «Холостяка» станет для Егора Крида идеальной женой

For two months, the country is watching one of the most romantic TV shows “the Bachelor.” 23-year-old musician Egor Krid trying to pick from 25 girls one, which will connect the life. Now he arranges for the participants and breathtaking Dating every week makes a difficult choice: who of the ladies will have to leave the show?

Now only five girls. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang made a prediction and identified who of the contenders for the hand and heart of a bachelor is suitable for him more than others and who are waiting for him a harmonious relationship.

Egor Krid zodiac sign is Cancer, born in the year of the Dog. He loves to be the center of attention, but because it would be difficult to abandon this and focus on just one girl. But Egor chooses the heart, not the mind. According to the astrologer, beloved musician will be very difficult.

Кто из участниц «Холостяка» станет для Егора Крида идеальной женой

Galina Ciblis. Zodiac sign – Capricorn born in the year of the Boar

Galina the complete opposite of Greg, but sometimes it happens so that these people become a solid couple. We need to understand that the Capricorn is very stubborn sign, so she will try to build relationships in their scenario. Cancers rarely accept such a model of development. A chance to become happy in a pair of with Galina Greg has, but very few of them.

Кто из участниц «Холостяка» станет для Егора Крида идеальной женой

Viktoriya Korotkova. Zodiac sign Taurus born in the year of the Boar

Between Greg and Victoria possible strong relationship. The male Dog is heavily dependent on female wild Boar. Most importantly, the creed, and Korotkova not put pressure on each other and accept them for what they are. It’s a really good Union. Egor and Viktoriya perfect for each other.

Contestant on “the Bachelor” Viktoriya Korotkova: “I Came not to Yegor, and the senses”

Кто из участниц «Холостяка» станет для Егора Крида идеальной женой

Aida Urazbakhtina. Zodiac sign Taurus born in the year of the Dog

Two Dogs do not get along together, between Egor and Aida will be constant disagreements. Of course, if they have a flare up feelings for each other, they will quickly put up after the fights, but the problem is that none of them wants to admit their mistakes. Everyone starts to blame the other.

Contestant on “the Bachelor” Aida Urazbakhtina: “I survived the painful separation from his son”

Anastasia Smirnova. Zodiac sign – Gemini born in the year of the Horse

The horse and the Dog very well. Egor and Anastasia may be the perfect relationship. People from outside can seem that they are made for each other. Yegor and Nastya will be able to develop as individuals, and it will strengthen their relationship. Anastasia is the girl that fit Greg best, from the point of view of astrology.

Participant of “the Bachelor,” Anastasia Smirnova: “Mom wanted me to behave”

Olga Lomakina. Zodiac sign Sagittarius born in the year of the Dog

Greg and Oli very little chance to build happy relationship. They can connect only a miracle, but life together for both will not be happy. This is the case when people are simply not interested to be together. Even if between them a spark, it will not last long as peace of mind with each other they should not be expected.

Participant of “the Bachelor,” Olga Lomakina: “If you cry, then quietly”