Солист «Иванушек International» тоскует по маме Russian singer and soloist of the famous domestic musical ensemble published online touching photo. Cyril admitted to fans that he misses his mom. Nina died of cancer in 2006.
Солист «Иванушек International» тоскует по маме

Soloist “Ivanushki International” Kirill Andreev decided to share with fans a touching remembrance of mom. Nina Andreeva died from cancer in 2006. The singer posted a photo on Instagram in which his parents exchange rings.

First, Cyril had lost his father: Alexander Andreyev died in January 2003. The man had left the family of the future singer was raised by my mother Nina. The woman worked as the chief engineer of the First exemplary printing house.

“Today my mom would have turned 79 years old. Photos from the wedding of my parents”, – said Kirill.

“Cyril, the Kingdom of heaven with your parents”, “You are Mama’s pride” and “Cyril, you look just like your mom”, “Eternal memory”, “loved ones are always beside us, even if they’re gone…” commented frame Network users.

Group “Ivanushki International” soared to the top of the domestic charts in the 90-ies. Kirill Andreev, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Igor Sorin and Oleg Yakovlev was one of the most successful performers. However, in the personal life of the artists happened to a lot of tragedies.

The first has left the life of Igor Sorin. An aspiring artist fell out of the window. To the end to find out the true cause of death of the singer could neither band nor the law enforcement agencies. The widow of Igor Sorin was first told about his last days before the tragedy

In the past year, “Simons International” hit a series of losses. First was the 47-year-old Oleg Yakovlev. The singer died in a Moscow clinic, where he was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia. In the clinic, the artist spent about a week. The last two days Yakovlev was connected to the ventilator, the doctors to the last struggled for his life. Heart star stopped 29 June at 7.05. For millions of fans care favorite singer was a real shock.

In the same year, his sister lost Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov. Julia died on July 22 in Sochi after an asthma attack. Sister of the famous singer lived in the resort town because the doctors recommended her to breathe in the sea air. A relative of the artist smoked a lot, according to relatives of Julia, she could be saved, but during the next attack, Julia found herself alone in the apartment.