Maxim Fadeev lost my best friend

Максим Фадеев потерял лучшего друга Today, may 6, composer and producer celebrates its 50th anniversary. Maxim Fadeev has gained prominence in the early ‘ 90s thanks to the collaboration with singer Linda, and then discovered Russian pop music a lot of new names – Glyuk оZу, Polina Gagarina, Elena Temnikova, Yulia Savicheva, SEREBRO group.
Максим Фадеев потерял лучшего друга

National love max took part in the project “Voice. Children”, where Fadeev appeared in the role of a mentor. It his team won the first two seasons. But, it turns out that the producer was not always the soulful “uncle max”, which the audience are accustomed to seeing on television. “StarHit” tracked down childhood friends of the musician, who said that he, too, did not escape the difficulties of adolescence.

Scolding for the hair

“We met in our hometown of Kurgan, when both turned 12, – Alexander remembers, Naidenko. – My mom worked in the children’s club “the birch”, which went to Maxim. At that time it was different difficult, one might even say a bad personality. Often Moody, nervous for no particular reason, stuff like that. It seemed to him that nobody understands him… because Of this, even argued with my mother, Svetlana Petrovna. Not knowing how to deal with her son, she called my mother, saying, talk to him, please!”

Максим Фадеев потерял лучшего друга“Even then, Max was a creative guy who joined our BAND “clear voice” – singing, playing bass guitar, but still Naidenko. Music attracted him more than other classes, he often skipped school for the sake of rehearsals, participation in concerts and festivals… But the teachers, I must say, were receptive to such a pass – because we are not on the street staggering, and engaged in business. But for appearance often went scolding”.
Максим Фадеев потерял лучшего друга

“Maxim in those days wore long hair, which is not very welcomed, and I jeans. Because of this we could get kicked out of school, cause in school parents… Again saved my mom called the teachers, asked to be indulgent – after all, boys creative.

Happened to us with Maxim and the history boys. As we sang in the Kurgan culture Palace, located in a seedy area of a Nickel. And it so happened that came to the concert the guys of the local bullies, like girls from our ensemble. After the performance, they ran over with a view to discourage the ladies. Before the fight then it did not come – said the head of the team, a former sailor. But what was our surprise when after just a couple of months, “Sonorous voices” gave a start in sports-labor camp, and they found this company…

Thought the whole shift will get it in the neck. But nothing happened. Maxim spoke with the leaders of the “gang”, are imbued with a respect to us, even became buddies. We still kept warm relations. When Max few years ago, came to the mound, even offered me to move to Moscow, promised to help with the work. But I declined for family reasons.”

Максим Фадеев потерял лучшего друга

Charming badass

What Fadeeva behavior in childhood, it was difficult to provide an estimate, confirmed by his girlfriend, Larissa Belyakina. “We often skipped lessons choir, ran around the roof of the musical school, and then went to drink to the water pump in the private sector. Then it was impossible to say unequivocally that Maxim will become a celebrity and achieve success, but his perfect pitch was noted by many,” – says the woman. “And he was considered a bully, says Elena sablukova, also with Fadeev studied at the same music school. – Teammates constantly provoked the others in the class: pencil pull, notes of candy out of his briefcase… But he forgave all, because Max was very charming. We girls considered him handsome. Compared to other boys, gangly and freckled, handsome Fadeev with a fashionable haircut, always neatly dressed, stood out. And although he passed all the dictations for ear training as “excellent”, egghead was not always clustered with the same idlers in the yard”.

But not only sitting with a guitar and touring with the band remember Fadeev his youth. Future star had a chance to survive and tragedy – he buried comrade.

“Kurgan school №40 we were at school together only one year, says a classmate of the composer Larisa Sheveleva. And it so happened that this period was for Maxim is very complex: on the oxbow of the river drowned his best friend Alex Kochansky. After the incident Fadeev haggard, preoccupied. It was scary to watch.”