Where to order plumbing online?

Где заказать сантехнику через интернет?

We know where!

Private customers and suppliers convenient to order materials on the Internet.

Где заказать сантехнику через интернет?

The segment of products for construction and repair are well represented on the Internet. Along with the major networks developing their Internet presence and specialized shops. The main advantages when working with them are a large selection of products within the segment as well as higher expertise.

Now in the segment of plumbing products have such a niche portal. Opened an online store 41km.ru where it is possible to order the plumbing wholesale and retail. Quality products of famous brands at an affordable price presented on the pages of the website in an easy to search format.

Stock a wide range of, delivery to and pickup of goods are significant advantages 41km.ru. Expertise is based on years of experience in this field. To make it easier to determine the choice of sanitary ware, posted on the website and thematic information materials. Visit the website 41km.ru or call by phone +7 (495) 150-64-90.