“Where is our Natasha?” Glitch”Ozа has changed beyond recognition

«Где наша Наташа?» Глюк"Ozа изменилась до неузнаваемости
The singer has suddenly become a burning brunette.

«Где наша Наташа?» Глюк"Ozа изменилась до неузнаваемости


Photo: Instagram


Photo: Instagram

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova surprised fans,
published in his microblog photo, which she sealed with
short haircut and hair color of the black wing. The singer explained, “where the case
blonde”: in this way she was for a Grand costume party
which, together with her husband Aleksandr was organized in honor of the 11th anniversary of his daughter

“For me, infinitely more importantly trust my
children! Today Lidose 11 years. — Natalia wrote online in the birthday
girls. — Oh, this age! Next, have the heart, but requires a full
independence! Good luck, my favorite in all your dreams. And the mom next to
any time.”

Touching post, appreciated by thousands of people
Natasha, joined in the congratulations Lida.

A couple of years ago, the singer has revealed their secrets
education of daughters in one of the interviews — according to Natalia, girls little look
TV, have mobile phones, but we walk a lot, communicate with
peers and grow on the example of their parents.

Interestingly, the “boss” in the family of the artist
is Alexander Chistyakov.

unquestioned authority for girls! Natalia says. — Lida always says:
“Dad is home”. I’m not arguing, he’s really in charge.
However, my husband and I agreed that if one said no, then
and the second will support it. Children should be a world in which
they live in this world, there should be clear rules that do not change
every minute. So they were well aware that possible and what is not”.

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