Нонна Гришаева вышла в свет со взрослой дочерью
The actress shared her impressions of the tour on opening day.

Nonna Grishaeva and her daughter Anastasia

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Nonna Grishaeva called for the opening of the exhibition “Window to Russia.
Masterpieces of seven generations”, organized by IRRI in collaboration with the State
The Tretyakov gallery, along with grown-up daughter Anastasia. A year ago
21-year-old girl graduated from a prestigious University in Cambridge, where
he studied at the faculty of graphics and illustrations. Therefore, to visit the Vernissage
Anastasia was especially interesting.

“Impressions are huge, generally this is a great idea
open the Windows in Russia. Now I understand why this exhibition was so
success in other cities,” — shared public.

Passing through the Museum’s core exhibition, Nona was delayed
the picture žilina, which shows portraits of famous artists. “I’m
rehearsing Arkadina Irina in “the Seagull” at the theater, I photographed
tomorrow will come to rehearsal and show photos to other actors and the Director, will
call them here. Husband I already called: “Why aren’t you here? You will also need to be
come,” because we’re both avid art lovers. But the thing that I
brought daughter, she’s an artist, and for me the most important thing is that we
visited here together,” smiled the actress.