Невеста принца Гарри сделала официальное заявление о больном отце Parent Megan Markle will not be able to attend her wedding. The star of the show “Force majeure” has confirmed that received wide publicity. The actress also asked not to disturb people close to them, so that he could focus on healing.
Невеста принца Гарри сделала официальное заявление о больном отце

This Saturday will be one of the most talked about events all over the world. British Prince Harry will legalize the relationship with the American actress Meghan Markle. For the wedding couple in St George’s chapel are expected to be about 600 guests, and the ceremony at Windsor castle attended by over two thousand people, including colleagues of the bride of the heir to the British throne for the TV series “Force majeure”, the band Spice Girls and Elton John, who was a good friend of lady Di. Guests from different countries started to gather in London.

Not so long ago the media spread information about the fact that his beloved father Harry Thomas Markle will not be able to attend the event. The man had a heart attack after his son Thomas Jr. wrote an open letter to the Prince, by discouraging him to marry Megan. In the near future, Thomas Sr. will have heart surgery.

Megan had to make an official statement about the loved one, published in social networks of Kensington Palace.

“Unfortunately, my father was not able to attend the wedding. I always cared about your dad and hope that he would be left alone, giving the opportunity to focus on their health. I would like to thank everyone who supported us. Harry and I are waiting for our special day and I want to share it with all of you”, – stated in the message of the actress.

Fans of Megan was touched by her treatment. Social media users wished the father of the actress quickly go to the amendment.

Meanwhile, there is another explanation for why the father Markle will not be able to be with her daughter in an important day for her. According to foreign journalists, Thomas was at the center of a scandal because of photos where he is preparing for the wedding ceremony. Pictures were staged, and the man received a substantial fee. According to some, the act of a parent was very upset Megan. So Thomas decided to refuse the invitation to the celebration, wanting to avoid unwanted questioning.

Note that the half-sister Meghan Markle Samantha is against her wedding. In mid-may, the woman was urgently hospitalized in Florida after an accident. In the result the car hit the barrier Samantha broke her ankle. Behind the wheel of the car was a friend of a cousin of actress mark. The man reported that the incident occurred through the fault of the paparazzi who tried to “cut” them wanting to do the most good picture. Seeing the approaching journalist, mark turned sharply to the left and crashed into a fence.

Meghan Markle didn’t communicate with her sister the past ten years, so invited her to the wedding. Samantha regularly gives interviews in which highly speaks negatively about her.