Какая бабочка укусила: фото лучших моментов Роналду в финале

We looked at female eyes, the finals of Euro 2016 and was surprised to find not only girls love Cristiano, he is mad men. Yes there is, it seems, they built the Portuguese in the category of idol and forgot the names of the other players…

The decisive goal in the final of the European championship scored the Portuguese Eder. But who remembered him after the match? The hero of the evening was Ronaldo, which is generally half of the game sat on the bench with an injury. Although I spent – he was running along the field, gesticulating and explaining the team how to play. He jumped in moments of tension, bill comrades in a fit of emotion, prompting the judge when to blow the whistle, and generally behaved like all the people as people, and… Well, you understand. Incredibly, Eder, in which nobody believed and which really made a feat not enjoyed the triumph, and attributed the credit to Ronaldo. They say that only the captain’s faith and his guidance helped in the final score. Fantastic!


No, you misunderstand me: I realize that this is one of the greatest players in the world. But the girls, discussing the strange behavior of Cristiano in the field (it seemed that the coach of this team he) came to the conclusion that we used to love modest superheroes. They win, everybody is wearing them on his hands, and they were like, “It’s a team effort, everyone played today as the last time.” But when the hero becomes someone else, and you with your shirt off, crying in front of cameras and acting like the only player on the team – it is something unpleasant. And Ronaldo, of course, burned! He cried for any reason: dangerous moment, the injury, scored and won – all the tears. We have gathered for you even gallery, as it were. Look at the most emotional man in the world.

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It is unclear what the butterfly bit the captain of the Portuguese national team that he was pouring so many tears. By the way, this is not a figurative expression. All of a sudden the wet nose Ronaldo sat moth. And it dokanali fans – well, very funny, this phenomenon happened. Whether insight or a blessing. Cristiano and butterfly at once bred in a network of a huge number of memes. We have gathered for you the best.

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Surprisingly, I think the dampness on the face of the legendary football player was annoying, only girls. The commentators were singing odes Ronaldo and his “chiseled torso”, also rarely remembering about who scored. Somehow little talked about the fact that we played Portugal quite sluggish. But who about it after that presentation, remember?

In General, what we want to say at the end? Paris does not believe in tears, Ronaldo! And after these rivers on your face, we began to love you a little less.

Do you think Ronaldo is a hero for Euro 2016?

  • Of course, Yes! It is beautiful
  • Don’t know the player, but to look at him pleasantly
  • A bit tired already Ronaldo, if there were players better on all TH
  • And who is Ronaldo?

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