Проветриваем чемоданы, старт не за горами My meeting with the winners of the holiday is getting closer, follow our publications. In two weeks we will notify the names of 10 lucky winners.

    Проветриваем чемоданы, старт не за горами

    In two weeks we will publish the names of 10 lucky winners of “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov!”, which this time will be my travel companions.

    The itinerary is still a secret, but believe me, the international operator TEZ TOUR, which is now in its sixth year helping our wonderful promotions, will be able to surprise even the most discerning traveler. And I, examining and reading along with editors thousands of applications for the contest, amazed at the geographical diversity of stories. We have a letter from the family Uritsky from Dikson on the Taimyr Peninsula, and the story of eight-year-old resident of Sakhalin island Danila Semenov on his grandmother Tatyana Egorovna. Or take this excerpt from a poetic application of miniature and fun Muscovite Diane Patusan:

    “But frankly, I’m not so perfect…

    And better now to reveal their cards…

    I love to eat and I eat everywhere:

    In the Elevator car and in the restaurant

    Also in the dressing room, and Munich pub

    A Great friend always says:

    You are easier to kill than to feed.”

    Проветриваем чемоданы, старт не за горами

    Touching and moving an application from Valentina Yakovtsova of Builder, Belgorod region. Now Valentine – the curtain maker.

    “Several years after the Chernobyl accident (and we lived to Belgorod in Gomel) to my eldest son, was then three years. He’s terribly sick, my husband and I took turns going to the hospital. It got to the point that the post passed post passed!”.. Before I was sure that I am an ordinary man, whose life is conditioned by many circumstances beyond our circumstances. But now I know that a lot depends on the person”.
    Проветриваем чемоданы, старт не за горами

    The following participant Peter Kiryukhin lives in the capital, he MP, on May 9 for veterans released doves into the sky. “And in a sanatorium in Varna, where I rested, Bulgarians, even a memorial plaque. Feeders and birdhouses for birds made of P. V. Kiryukhin – poet, major fire service GUVD of Moscow – in a gift to the people of Bulgaria”.

    A huge thank you, Elena Golubeva from Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region – it is not the first time tries to enter a team of vacationers. To be honest, all the members of Elena’s family, including her husband Sergei, a former law enforcement officer, and two sons, one of whom is in the army now worthy to go on a journey.

    Believe me, many applications touched me, pleased and surprised, but if about all to tell, even a “StarHit” is not enough. So thank you to all the contestants and stay tuned for new room, wait for the finals.

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