Арбенина спела дуэтом с сыном

So the singer celebrated the “Invasion” of his 42nd birthday.

To celebrate the birthday of the singer dreamed of in the family circle for a long time. But plans changed: Diana was invited to sing at “Invasion” in the Tver region.

Refuse favorite festival performer could not. But plans to give is not wanted. So it was decided to take the kids with me. And not to get bored, the singer invited the twins to sing with her. They, of course, agreed. And chose the song “Shut up” from the new album “snipers”.

Rehearsing all day… But on stage in front of the audience in the end was the only one Artem. As it turned out, Martha the day of the event had a high fever.

Artyom kept a stiff upper lip. In elegant black jacket and a hat-cylinder boy was not battling and sang aloud.

“I really wanted to celebrate his birthday with family. I didn’t even plan a traditional concert, which is played every year on the day of birth than has upset many fans. I needed solitude. But “Nashe radio” convinced me to become the headliner of the first day of the festival, – said Arbenina. — Artem went on stage with me. And this is probably the main song of the program. And he nailed her performance! This was my best gift.”

She told the singer that daughter caught a cold there on the “Invasion”.

“She ran barefoot through the wet grass and cold, the next day her temperature rose to 39″, ” Diana says.

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