Звезда сериала «Королева красоты» дебютировала в Голливуде
Actress Valeria Kozhevnikov got a job in the Factory of Dreams.

Звезда сериала «Королева красоты» дебютировала в Голливуде

Valeria Kozhevnikov and Joe Russell

Photo: Press office Valeria Kozhevnikova

Valeria Kozhevnikov known to the Russian audience by his vivid roles in the TV series “beauty Queen” and “Klim”. Besides, she played a provocative

Leni Riefenstahl in the project Leni.Leni” eminent Director Adrian Vitoria (“the crew”, “Age of heroes”, “Purely English murder”).
The painting will be presented on August 22 in the main competition program of the international
British film festival Chichester Film Festival. Recently, she debuted in
Hollywood drama “Our Little Secret”, where he played a negative role in
fanatical American, which is tough to do with children. The plot of the film
set against the backdrop of the September 11 tragedy that occurred in America. It
touching, magical story about happy and tragic moments of childhood,
shown through the eyes of two little girls (starring sisters performed
talented young actress Alexis Rosinskaya and lexi Kolker).

Partners Valerie steel actor Joe Russell (“Pacific”) and a popular American actress Angela Bettis
(“Girl, interrupted”, “Carrie”, “Dexter”, “Dr. house”), who performed one of
the main roles in the film “It’s a very interesting project with a strong script by Yuri
Seltzer (“The Puppeteer”,

“Major crimes,” project “Yeltsin”), which
also became the Director of the film. The film is about tolerance and love. Though
my character is a negative character, I’m glad I took part in this important
the project,” says Valeria.

To prepare for testing in the future to the role of Valeria helped a famous Hollywood
coach acting Ivana Chubbuck, whose students have received
the highest recognition in the world film industry.

Valeria Kozhevnikov and Ivan CABAC

Photo: press office Valeria Kozhevnikova

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