Wells Adams incredibly happy with Sarah highland

Уэллс Адамс невероятно счастлив с Сарой Хайлэнд

Уэллс Адамс невероятно счастлив с Сарой Хайлэнд

She is so hot that it’s hard not fall in love! Wells Adams couldn’t keep your hands to yourself in a photo booth with bride Sarah Hyland. And she, of course, shared these interesting photos on his page in Instagram.

Sarah Hyland and wells Adams so perfectly complement each other with their funny personalities. Engaged couple recently staged a wedding for their friends, and then posed in the photo booth along with some other couples. The boys apparently were very interested in the girls that couldn’t even keep his hands to himself. In the photo from Instagram that Sarah shared on 4 November, 35-year-old wells very immodestly hugged his lover, 28-year-old bride over the right breast. Apparently the fire of their love had already reached the peak, just a couple so openly shows his feelings in public.

Уэллс Адамс невероятно счастлив с Сарой Хайлэнд

Sarah not only did not worry about the hands of Wales, that she even made a funny face rolling his eyes, raising his eyebrows and sticking his tongue out. She looked simply ravishing in a black sexy dress with open shoulders, spreading his black gorgeous hair that straight strands down her shoulders. Sara’s sister, Ashley Newborough, is also visible beside her in this photo and her boyfriend holding her as much for both her breast, while she makes a funny face and closes his eyes.
A group of young men in the picture went to Nashville to attend the wedding of their common friend Katie Stevens. Sarah signed the picture: “We are very serious about wedding photo booths and the men who love and treat their ladies like Queens”. Subscribers stars left under a photo of hundreds of positive comments, so we can firmly say that the photo they obviously liked it.

While Sarah enjoyed the wedding of her friend, she herself became a bride to be. We know that actress “modern family” is a fan fotsieman, so it wound exposed in such a network photo. For example, her engagement in Wales 27 Oct. A couple of the shots looked amazing, on this occasion, Sarah wore a white strapless gown, and one photo of Sara with her fiancé wells had fun at the bar, drinking cocktails. The couple became engaged in mid-July, when wells offered her hand and heart, during sunset on the beach in Fiji.

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