Ким Кардашьян трогательно поздравила маму с Днем рождения

Ким Кардашьян трогательно поздравила маму с Днем рождения

Yesterday, the mother of Kim Kardashian Kris turned 64. Well-known dissident, Kim decided to make for my mom a very unusual surprise. She rented the mansion where once lived the whole family, the house is in Beverly hills. And she managed to find an old Mercedes, which drove in her youth her parents, the car is still the old numbers. The most interesting thing about the surprise, no one knew, except for Kim herself.

“It was a special day for all of us” — said the blogger on his page in Instagram. Also the star published a post with my mother in which he confessed his love for her and stated that she is the best. Kim said that she can not even imagine how her mother manages to spread the love between all children and grandchildren. However, none of them feels deprived. The girl said that the mother taught them all the kindness and have always considered this trait is the most important.

Later, the network appeared the first photos from the photo shoot near a white Mercedes. All the girls of the family Kardashian cute posed and smiled for photos, and then they waited for a family dinner in their former home. Kim said that the mansion has not changed, there is also an old tea set, adorable, but above all, the mansion recalls life with dad. Dad died in 2006 from stomach cancer, he was only 59 years old.

Kim admitted that he is very proud of himself and his act, the day was a sense that the father celebrates the birthday of Chris along with his entire family. Most difficult for it not spill and keep the gift a secret from everyone for two weeks.

Sister Kim all day could not hold back tears gift for mom was very touched by them. They are also posted on pages congratulations to Chris and thanked her for a wonderful childhood.

However, this surprise was not the only gift from my sisters birthday. Together they decided to make for mom, exclusive gift bag, decorated with diamonds. It was created by individual order Hermes.

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