Brian Austin green reveals the secret of a happy marriage with Megan Fox

Брайан Остин Грин раскрывает секрет счастливого брака с Меган Фокс

Брайан Остин Грин раскрывает секрет счастливого брака с Меган Фокс

Brian Austin green talked about his “normal” family life with wife Megan Fox and explained how they remain focused on their love during the UPS and downs of their marriage.

Brian Austin green, 46, and his wife Megan Fox, 33, is known for being one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood, and now we find out what helps them stay healthy and happy marriage! The star of Beverly hills 90210, said in an interview on 1 November to promote the campaign # Fight4TheAmazon, of which he and Megan are and find time for to support the hearth of their family life, we need a huge effort. Since it’s very important not to let your busy life affect your love.

Брайан Остин Грин раскрывает секрет счастливого брака с Меган Фокс

“Our marriage is very homey. As you know, we have three wonderful children. And our house is our fortress, anything can happen here. But we all try very hard. For someone our house may not seem very large, but we have all we need,” said Brian in an interview about his life with Megan, whom he married in 2010. “We are discussing all aspects of our lives. We try to be as open and transparent with each other. The more we talk, the more we understand each other. And we really began to appreciate the differences in each other more than before. And I think for us it was really important. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but for us it was very important, because when you walk the road of life together and you have disagreements with your spouse, the house becomes the field of battle. But this is wrong,” he added.

Brian also explained that one of the main ways to maintain a healthy environment in the family, is the identification of individual strengths and weaknesses and the ability to accept them. “And in that moment, when you start talking, you will know that you are just better at it and your spouse in something else”, he continued. “Then you start to get two people that really work on a relationship together. And it’s a bit hard because, of course, we are all a little competitive. But you need to think more what, when, takes over the team, it is always better than if it would do one”.
It will be recalled that the couple are raising three wonderful boys: Noah, 7 years old, Bodhi, age 5, and Journey, 3 years old, which of course makes their life even more and the joys and difficulties at the same time.

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