Was suprisedly or ottamasara? Bonia showed lush ass

Наприседала или отфотошопила? Боня показала пышную попу

Fans of the presenter wondered where did her ass “like a Kardashian”.

TV presenter Victoria Bonya makes every effort to look your best. And gives an example to his fans. But her recent post on Instagram caused them more confusion…

In the picture Victoria posted in the social network, it is photographed in the gym on the treadmill. “All the fighting spirit!” – signed it.

Subscribers celebrities immediately drew off her buttocks too… outstanding. And then he began to wonder: where is it?

The majority agreed in opinion that such a priest can only be the result of photoshop: “we See the same curve the wall to move behind artificially increased Boninite buttocks”, “Why add what is not? Funny.”

Others suggested that new forms of wick owes implants. However, it noted that they can’t do sports. So this version was a tad off.

Finally, there were a few people who believed that such buttocks Bonia really pumped in the gym.

In one of the Wiki fans was unanimous: there is nothing to chase a Kardashian. Her figure and so can’t complain. And Kim is still all natural. Once she even did x-rays to prove it.