Buzova complained that lost a lot of weight due to divorce

Бузова пожаловалась, что сильно похудела из-за развода

Subscribers presenter in Instagram seriously concerned about her health.

TV presenter Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer seemed like a solid couple. In the sincerity of their feelings did not believe, perhaps, only the most inveterate skeptics. It is not surprising that now, after the breakup, they are going through. And it’s not the best way affects their appearance.

Followers of Olga in Instagram noticed that the last photo she looks much thinner. Yesterday the TV presenter called for a party in honor of the birthday of his girlfriend Maria Pogrebnyak. On the occasion she came in a white shirt and tight leather pants. Of course, Buzova always been thin, but at this rate she will soon join the ranks of stars who have been accused of anorexia.

Girlfriend stars unable to keep silent and one of them noticed that Olga look skinny. “I lost,” replied His friend.

Members worried: “Olya, start to eat… Very skinny has become.” And, of course, have linked weight loss with stress due to divorce: “So there will lose weight. Here we are in ordinary life, when we have disagreements with the beloved happen, very worried, and she still is under the gun the whole country, where everyone just relishes all these dirty details.”

Recall that breakup Buzova and Tarasova became known about a month ago. Neither they nor their loved ones while this information is not commented. And only the other day the news was confirmed by friends of the couple. One of the latest editions of the program “live” was dedicated to the accident which participant became Tarasov. There’s some colleagues Buzova “House-2” and broke the silence. “Yes. Divorce. Heard from their close friends,” – said in a broadcast on Tatiana Kyrylyuk. And added that Olga tried to build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, that did not work.