Wanted: a new line of skin care Lancaster Skincare

Wanted: новая линия по уходу за кожей Lancaster Skincare

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — line skin care products French brand Lancaster, which has more than 70 years produces the means-bestsellers for protection from the sun. In April there were four product categories: cleanse, Skin line of Life for 25+, 365 Skin Repair for 35+ Total Age Correction for 45+.

The history of the brand Lancaster started in the lab of Monaco in 1946. Businessman George Wurz was in the Kingdom after he fled from German-occupied territories in 1940. Being on the Cote d’azur, he met the chemist Eugene Frascati that specialized in creating cosmetics — together, they founded the brand Lancaster. The name was inspired by aircraft-bomber, which Wurz ran during the Second world war.

Wanted: новая линия по уходу за кожей Lancaster Skincare

The products, the brand many fans, but perhaps the most famous of them is grace Kelly. The brand has developed products specifically created for the Princess of Monaco: Ligne Princière with the Royal seal on the packaging (which spoke eloquently about the fact that the brand is the official supplier of Her serene Highness).

The company since its inception was engaged in the study of the environment and its effects on the skin, finding ways of dealing with oxidative stress caused by exposure to the sun.

In 1971, the brand has released its first sunscreen experts boldly chose orange, rather than the traditional brown packaging. To understand why the tool in a moment became a bestseller, a little delve into the history. While slim and trim figure has become literally an obsession, at the height of fashion was also tan, girls all around the world “took a sun bath at any cost.” Women were daubed with oils and lotions and spent hours lying in the sun. To make this process as less harmful were invented factor sun protection (SPF), and Lancaster was the first who began to promote the idea of safe tanning.

Wanted: новая линия по уходу за кожей Lancaster Skincare

The researchers of the brand in 2012, found that in addition to ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and visible light penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, accelerating premature aging. Therefore, in 2008, they released a cream with adequate protection, and in 2016 provided a Full Light.

Wanted: новая линия по уходу за кожей Lancaster Skincare

Fast forward to 2019. This spring in Russia is finally extended beauty brand line (it can be found in selected stores “Ile de Beaute” and Sephora). This is a basic cleanser and anti-aging products are three lines: Skin Life (recommended from 25 years), 365 Skin Repair (recommended from 35 years) and Total Age Correction (recommended 45).


Three products (Express Cleanser, Comforting Perfecting Toner and Softening Perfecting Toner) is available in 400-ml package, so you can be confident that they will last long. Plus a convenient dispenser-fresh floral aroma and textures for every taste: soothing skin, soothing toner, leveling stick, two-phase fluid for removing makeup.

It consists of lemon balm, cornflower, chamomile, witch hazel, Lily, essential oils, nectar, cabbage roses (and no alcohol).

Anti-aging line Skin Life

“Prevent and cure” is the slogan of the Skin Life. To protect these beauty tools from air pollution on the street and indoors, and digital effects (Yes, experts claim that the radiation from the phone and computers too we should be afraid of). Technology Full Light prevents 100 percent of the harmful rays (UVB, UVA, infrared and visible light, including blue).

To combat first signs of aging skin provide the skin a shot of oxygen. She looked fresh and rested, the cells are saturated with oxygen, which produces more energy, which is important for metabolism. Caffeine and pink pigments are responsible for giving a natural glow.

The line includes cleansing foam Skin Life Detoxifying Cleansing Foam, cream for the eye area Early Age Delay Eye Cream and day cream Early Age Delay Day Cream.

365 anti-aging line Skin Repair

The name of the line inspired by the elixir 365, established in 2003. 365 starry remedy Skin Repair Serum perfectly complement the day cream in two textures, night cream and serum for the eye area. They are designed not only to fight the signs of aging, but also to warn them all year round.

All formulations 365 Skin Repair work in three directions: the skin repair at the DNA level with the help of the active ingredient of natural origin and Bifidobacterium lysate; protection at the DNA level by an enriched complex of antioxidants from the bark of the orange tree, green tea, coffee, pomegranate and physalis; and the extension of youthful skin with the help of the Epigenetic complex (red wine extract and cells of the stem of the banana).

365 Rich Day Cream suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and 365 Day Cream has a light texture.

Anti-aging line Total Age Correction

In fact it is a more intense version of the famous anti-aging line of Total Age Correction, which includes one of the most Haimovich ingredients this year — retinol. By the way, in 1976, the Lancaster became the first company that uses this component, which contributes to cellular renewal, makes the skin softer and improves its elasticity, care products.

In 2014, Lancaster has created Retinol-In-Oil — based serum oil with a high content of retinol, which soon became a cult. In 2019, the experts of the brand introduced advanced formula serum Retinol-In-Oil. Brand new here, antioxidants, extracts of ginger and derivatives of vitamins E and C, high concentration of retinol, reflective particles and calendula oil, false flax, Sacha inchi (mountain peanut), and Chia.

The laboratory collaborates with the Lancaster University research centres. Professionals interested in the latest work of Dr. Krutmann of the Düsseldorf Heinrich Heine University, who studied the effect of environmental pollution on the human body and showed its role in the hyperpigmentation of the skin. As it turned out, the exposure to the pollution of the external environment activates certain receptors in the synthesis of melanin in the skin. To prevent excessive production of melanin and therefore reduce the appearance of dark spots, and was created serum Dark Spot Correctorу & Glow Amplifier. This is one of the most interesting products.

It consists of licorice root, chamomile, crimson algae extract and vitamin B3, glycerin and a pearl-toned pigment, which refreshes the complexion.

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