Beauty digest: from the cosmetic line Ariana Grande to charity workouts

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

Ariana Grande

Michelle Pfeiffer introduced its line of “clean and safe” flavors, from 13 to 21 April in will host a charity workout to Cycling, TRX, yoga and meditation, and Chloe Moretz and James Corden filmed a funny video about the skincare and non-makeup. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Michelle Pfeiffer introduced his perfume line

60-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer has created a line of fragrances, which followed the principle of absolute transparency concerning the spirits of the ingredients. New perfume brand Hollywood star will be named Henry Rose in honor of her children: John Henry and Claudia rose. The first collection consists of five unisex fragrances: Last Light (floral aroma), Dark Is the Night (a mix of patchouli and vanilla), Jake’s House (neroli and musk), Torn (floral, sweetened with vanilla and spiced) and Fog (smells like vetiver and musk).

Nobody interested in the fact that a hundred percent to be honest about its ingredients. But for me it’s very important because I don’t want to put my name and face on a product that will not use itself, — said the actress in her Instagram.

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

In her words, careful attention to the composition she began to draw after she had children because it is important for the safety of each component.

It is known that the fragrance line has received the certificate of Environmental Working Group (EWG) (the”Working group on the protection of the environment”). The novelty on the website of Henry Rose, the cost per bottle will be $ 120 (about 7 700 RUB).


Charity training for Cycling, TRX, yoga and meditation

From 13 to 21 April in conjunction with the Fund #Bolshezemel launches charity marathon “Week of Kindness”. During the week you will attend a charity workout on the Cycling, TRX, yoga and meditation. And lead them to be not only professional coaches, but popular bloggers, athletes. Most important of all the funds raised from these classes will go to the charity Fund for the development of inclusion in sport.

Anyone can sign up for personal training by phone the Studio and on location to pay for their participation or, in other words, to make a contribution to the Fund. The minimum cost of one training — 500 rubles. Moreover, every participant of the marathon when you purchase places on the training will receive a special ribbon (a symbol of the contributions to a good cause), which can be tied on the Tree of good.

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

For those who are not ready to training, and just want to have a good time and tasty and healthy to eat at Holy Basil Café will sell a special dessert, all proceeds from sales will also be donated to the charity Fund.

Brand Chanel has opened a creative space Rouge Coco Flash, executed in the form of a lipstick tube

Cool beauty-Chanel space dedicated to makeup and skin care, made in the form of a lipstick tube, appeared in the Moscow shopping center “Color”. Its opening is timed to the release of hydrating Shine Rouge Coco Flash.

All offers leading makeup artists at home that will help you choose the perfect shade of lipstick (you can try per minute of all 24 colors, for example) and make glamorous photos with glasses of Chanel.

The podium is open daily from 1 to 14 April from 10.00 to 22.00 on the first floor of the store.

Chloe Moretz and James Corden filmed a fun beauty video

James Corden is probably not the same person whose name comes to mind when you think about skin care. However, host Late Late Show, the brand Ambassador for SK-II Chloe Moretz took under his wing (and into his bathroom) to share a few beauty tips.

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

The unexpected Duo first joined forces last week during the first three episodes of the SK-II Skin Bare Chat — Comedy series on YouTube dedicated to skincare and non-makeup. The first series of the project has garnered over 40 million views.

On the show, Moretz said that every day use the serum SK-II Pitera Essence and olive oil, which is responsible for hydration. The actress believes that skincare should not be complicated or include dozens of steps. Sometimes all you need is one product that works.

I hope this show will give people confidence that they can go out without makeup and not feel that they need to hide behind cosmetics. “Naked” face is a pleasure, and it’s not as scary or intimidating as it may seem,

said celebrity.


“Tortoise” makeup

Tortoise shell can remind someone the same glasses you wore as a child (since then they are back in fashion), or to recall the charming neighborhood cat roaming your street. But for us, butyricum, tortoiseshell is a new inspiration. First came the “tortoiseshell” hair, then nails and now makeup.

Stylish brown-black pattern similar to leopard print and it is also quite easy to create. Detailed instructions can be found in Instagram artist by the name of Alexandria. She used an eyebrow pencil Benefit Cosmetics Ka Brow in shade #3, Lorac Cosmetics Pro palette, summer palette, Give Me Glow Cosmetics and palettes Beauty Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette, black eyeliner Urban Decay Eyeliner in shade Perversion.

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

Ariana Grande launches beauty line Thank U, Next

Businesswomen should take an example from 25-year-old Ariana Grande. The singer in November last year released the single Thank U, Next, which broke all records, and this week it announced the launch of her eponymous line of beauty products inspired by the hit.

According to WWD, the company star has filed for trademark registration for a number of beauty products, including eau de Parfum, toilet water, fragrant lotions for body care, gels for the bath, body scrubs, body powder, body souffle and misty.

Бьюти-дайджест: от косметической линии Арианы Гранде до благотворительных тренировок

At the Grand there are already several flavors of their own: Cloud, Sweet Like Candy, Moonlight. And in November last year, Lush released a purple bomb for bath in her honor, inspired by the episode of the music video God Is a Woman.

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