Waiting for spring: Kirsten dunst wants to get married, but Joaquin Phoenix stole someone else’s bride

В ожидании весны: Кирстен Данст собралась замуж, а Хоакин Феникс увел чужую невесту The lone star cold in the winter, so they immediately go on the offensive on the romantic front. Hollywood celebrities in the early years was able to decide on important steps that must continue to change their lives.

    В ожидании весны: Кирстен Данст собралась замуж, а Хоакин Феникс увел чужую невесту

    Hollywood novels are in most cases fastened on the set. But sometimes actors need time to separate the professional understanding of self-interest. Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara met on the set of the film “She” in the middle of 2012, and began Dating just now. Kirsten dunst understood the feelings for Jesse Plemons, who played her husband in the second season of “Fargo,” much faster – in just a year. In addition to a significant pause between the introduction and the romantic rapprochement of the two pairs have in common one more thing – and Kirsten, and Rooney left old Boyfriends for a new relationship.

    Red, honest, in love

    When in January 2015 Kirsten dunst came to Canada to star in “Fargo”, her personal life seemed quite arranged. She called a civil marriage with actor Garrett Hedlund “healthiest relationship”, in which she happened to be.

    In her interview, there was the word “wedding”, “family” and “children”. “I want to get married, – admitted the actress. – Are you going to arrange a small ceremony, followed by a family dinner and dance”. Over time, the journalists realized that Kirsten not so much shares with them the plans as by all available means hints to Garrett that it was time to propose.

    Shooting the series was given obsessed with the idea of marriage Kirsten the opportunity to finally feel someone’s wife, and she quickly became attached to on-screen husband Jesse Plemons. Especially in the story his character was so dedicated to her character that made up for her on offense. Just like love actress always dreamed of. But Jesse did not even conceal that he shared the feelings of his character and is also willing to do a lot for the beautiful eyes of the female partner.

    “Kirsten is a godsend, he said. – I have long admired her as an actress and was glad to know that she is a wonderful person. We enjoy playing spouses.”
    В ожидании весны: Кирстен Данст собралась замуж, а Хоакин Феникс увел чужую невесту

    Unfortunately both, the game in the family lasted only 85 days. After the shooting, Kirsten returned to Los Angeles to garret in hopes of still, to beg him for the ring. But he didn’t live up to her expectations. In April of last year, they broke up, and in may the 34-year-old Kirsten vengeance kissed 28-year-old Jesse in the face of passersby and paparazzi in the middle of Studio city, California. The enthusiasm of the lovers allowed the gossips to suggest that their relationship began before the actress broke up with Hedlund. She just had to decide not whether she confused reality with fiction writers and whether to throw a checked boyfriend for prusnikova red guy six years younger than her.

    Once, Kirsten didn’t bring newfound happiness. In September the ceremony of awarding the prize “Emmy” Jessie made his debut as a couple on the red carpet, and that no one was left in no doubt, quickened following the ceremony the party a small erotic show. “Kirsten leaned over to Jesse and kissed passionately right on the lips, caressing his hand to his cheek,” – said eyewitnesses. Jesse did not repeat the mistakes of its predecessor. In the first weekend of January, Kirsten offered a hand, heart, and a gold ring with an oval diamond. It seems that in the coming year, the actress still arrange a small wedding, which was so long planned.


    В ожидании весны: Кирстен Данст собралась замуж, а Хоакин Феникс увел чужую невесту

    In November last year, the 42-year-old Joaquin Phoenix, and 31-year-old Rooney Mara has repeatedly observed Smoking on the balcony of his hotel room Matera in southern Italy. In the region where they brought the film “Mary Magdalene”, where Mara plays the title role of the biblical whore, and Joaquin – Jesus Christ. All of the questions, so whether you need to work on roles in the same room, the actors were told that they are good friends. And like their characters can be alone without sexual implications.

    В ожидании весны: Кирстен Данст собралась замуж, а Хоакин Феникс увел чужую невесту

    The expression “good friends” in Hollywood usually means “we like each other, but not yet confident about the prospects and are afraid to get into a stupid situation.” This form of denial of the novel certainly alerted the boyfriend of actress – Director Charlie McDowell son of actor Malcolm McDowell. And for good reason. When finished in early December, Rooney has not returned to Los Angeles for the official Sputnik and the beginning of a Holy book for every actor of the season award awards. Instead she stayed in Italy to entertain Joaquin, which in principle leads polustanochki lifestyle and more willing to wandering in the scenic wastelands than on the red carpet.

    Charlie Rooney lived in a civil marriage six years, but by the time of the filming of “Mary Magdalene” for more than a month did not appear together in public. Reporters do not know what to think, because couples working in show business, a long separation – the problem is inevitable, and ads for gap or conflict in the press were reported. The situation in a love triangle more or less cleared up towards the middle of January. Charlie McDowell was not seen and not heard, and Rooney continued to travel with Joaquin at the expensive of its eccentric heart. Lovers visited the sanatorium We Care Spa in California city of desert Hot springs, where the actor goes every year for the sake of cleansing the body with vegetable smoothies and enemas. On the one hand, an enema is not a subject normally associated with the birth of a new love, but to share such a procedure is possible only with a really close friend.