Беременная Стоцкая продемонстрировала изменения фигуры The artist does not hide his position. A woman to observe what forms does her body. After Stotsky has publicly declared her pregnancy, she no longer seeks to hide rounded tummy from the public.

      Anastasia Stotskaya become a mother for the second time. On potjanee a few weeks the subscribers of the celebrity could not understand whether their favorite is pregnant, after the star tried not to focus on this. After “StarHit” first reported about the interesting position of celebrity, the fans began to follow her microblog particularly closely. Just two weeks ago, Stotsky posted in social networks the in the comments which made it clear that no longer willing to hide behind shapeless clothes.

      Anastasia Stotskaya spoke openly about pregnancy

      “Happiness a woman can’t hide forever. That soon will hatch my boy,” left a comment under one of his photos of Anastasia. Fans of the actress began to congratulate her and wish future baby good health. By the way, she Stotsky continues to lead an active lifestyle, regularly published and preparing for previously scheduled events. The followers noted that at the last frame in the Network, the woman does not hide the tummy, but on the contrary, is pleased to showcase the changes that have occurred with the figure.

      “The belly is growing and I like it!” – expressed his joy Stotsky in Instagram

      Commentators believe that the pregnancy went to Anastasia for the benefit. It is, in their opinion, does not look tired or exhausted. It seems that each new photo Stotsky radiates happiness, which is clear to every woman once giving birth of the child. Members expressed the view that the birth must be given to the artist easier. Someone started to share their experiences, to tell what emotions they experienced during the second or even third pregnancy.

      It is obvious that the performer is a pleasure to read comments that leave her fans. She could not dare speak out loud about an interesting position, worrying about the future heir. The woman is not yet ready to call the sex of the baby, so the followers continue to present their version.

      “You are such a great example of how, despite the change in shape, stay unreal beauty”, “So thin and the midsection neatly,” “Anastasia, you look pregnancy”, “Nastia, very beautiful and positive. I wish to always remain the same sweet, and to the future health of the child,” left vostorzhennye commentators subscribers in Instagram.

      Many also noted that after Stotskaya lost ryjih luxurious curls and dyed her hair chocolate hue, she began to look more confident and strong. Commentators think that it needs to serve the mother of two children.

      Recall that Anastasia Stotskaya already several years old happily married with Restorator Sergei. Together they are raising their five year old son Alexander. For a long time the singer hid from the public his wife and child because he does not like excessive attention to his personal life. However, sometimes she still vykladyvaem in his family pictures that like her fans. They believe that the heir of the artist grows an exact copy of his father.