Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды Many celebrities with enviable regularity appear in bathing complexes and take care of themselves. “StarHit” gathered a few secrets of this recovery. The specialist explained how to take care of your body during the period when catching a cold easier.

    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды

    Baths popular throughout the world, there are even whole bath complexes, in which you can buy a ticket for the whole day. The greatest demand is the Finnish sauna, Russian Banya and Turkish Hammam. Russian bath of them the most useful. It strengthens blood vessels, improves microcirculation, accelerates metabolic processes in the body, purifies, eliminates toxins, relaxes muscle tone. About the features of the bathing beauty rituals told Ivan Trusov, attendant, masseur Spa Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica.

    Worry on health

    The best is to go to the sauna once a week. Keep in mind the capabilities of the body, to be the hero, no contest. If you will be attendant, trust him in everything. He will monitor your condition and adjust the power of exposure and contrast. Traditionally, in the steam room the man is lying to source a pair of legs, not face, so the guy always starts with the feet. How they react to the first portion of the pair detector as supports the load of the entire body.

    Do not hesitate to tell the attendant about the health. Pay attention to the dizziness. This is the first sign that something is wrong. Hypertensive patients and young children is contraindicated bath, but the skilled attendant can work with all.

    Golden rules

    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды

    In the steam room should be no longer than 12-15 minutes in one run, otherwise the body will get the nutrients and trace elements. Cool body, plunging into cold water or rubbing himself with a snow. Visit the steam room from 3 to 5-7 times. That’s enough. During the treatments, drink more plain water (preferably room temperature) or tea with honey and lemon. But alcohol, especially strong in the bath to not use. If you feel unwell, tell the attendant or exit of the steam room. The perfect comfortable temperature in the bath is 85-95 degrees, but the steam is more important than temperature, it gives the strongest effect and the load.


    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды

    Standard bath procedure takes about two hours. This time is enough to warm up in the steam room, relax in warm herbal baths, three full time in a steam room with brooms and three contrast (cold plunge pool, cold sponge-down snow). Contrasts are very important for the bath thing they allow you to effectively train the blood vessels. The strength of each must match the previous warming.

    Bath procedure we traditionally complete natural body scrub and soap massage Lykov. During steaming the pores to open and better absorb the useful substances. Therefore, the effect of the masks and scrubs in the bath will increase. But here, too, need to follow the rules. What components to apply and when to tell the attendant. For example, if you want to use honey, you need to remember: it will.-ven only in combination with salt. As in every serious business, in the bath have their secrets, and in these matters, you should trust the expert.


    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды

    The result of the evaporation will depend on the quality of the broom, so he pay special attention. It needs to be properly dried, then it will not fall apart at the most inopportune moment. A good broom – thick and no flaking. I recommend to choose oak or birch – they contain large amounts of tannins, which are natural antiseptics. In addition, they strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

    Oak is like a fan or straightened his fingers, he has a thin and easy to grasp handle. These brooms pick up more steam, so they need to be careful people with high blood pressure. Birch broom is more scathing, long and not as large, but still should be firm, elastic and no bald spots.

    We have also a broom made of fir, the so-called “cold”, is moistened with water and put one under the head, and the second cover with the client from steam. Fir is pretty hard, so the broom must not be knots and large branches.


    We offer four types bathing ceremony for every taste and request: Argunskaya bath (standard, the best option for beginners), ice (bath with pain-PWM number of contrasts, just for the seasoned, advanced Amateurs), kurai bath (this is a more female version with lots of rubbing and fragrant herbal sparivanii) and alpska (bath ceremony that includes a nourishing mask for healthy hair and body).

    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды
    Задай жару: учимся париться в бане как звезды