Ольга Бузова закатила вечеринку с женами футболистов January 20, TV presenter noted the birthday in a circle of close friends in Madrid, then continued the celebration in Rome, where he met with his Manager Anton Bogoslovski. Before arrival in Moscow, the woman flew to Grozny, where specially for her organized the concert. And now, in the capital of His gathered friends in the restaurant “Swallow”, where we had a sumptuous Banquet in his honor.

      Olga Buzova decided a big way to celebrate his 31st birthday. Last week she rented roskoshnye apartments in the heart of Madrid, which arrived her sister Anna and friends. Celebrity, however, spared no effort to hold the most important event in Moscow. At the celebration were invited wives of famous footballers. Among the guests of the event was attended by Maria Pogrebnyak, Alena Khomich, Anastasia Denisova, Larisa Pavlyuchenko and Marina Shishkina. They all gave the birthday girl luxury gifts such as expensive handbags and jewelry top designers.

      The phenomenon of Olga Buzova: how she made us love her and hate

      “Today I for the fourth time in the fourth city celebrate its birthday. I am a happy person, because so many people sincerely love me and want to congratulate you! Waiting for their girls. In anticipation of elegant and soulful evening,” he wrote in the “Instagram star “House-2”.

      Singer Elena Temnikova and Olga Orlova also came to the restaurant to personally congratulate Buzova. In addition, the star invited Lada Dens, which presented a special gift. Within the hour she sang her greatest hits from the 90’s, under which the audience danced. Olga did not try to conceal her joy. She stayed am very satisfied with the holiday. By the way, another day on the set of “House-2” the woman gave the little white puppy, what she hastened to tell subscribers. Apparently, the star has long wanted to have a third pet.

      All girlfriends Buzova looked the most impressive and sought to meet the main hero of the occasion. Olga chose to wear short designer dress that flatters the figure turned celebrity. The guests actively delellis shots from the event with followers on Instagram. Most of them said that they were happy to be given this opportunity to have fun and to talk personally with the birthday girl. It is obvious that girls have long waited for a meeting with a friend and with trepidation prepared for publication.

      Despite the fact that Olga Buzova divorced footballer Dmitry Tarasov 30 December last year, it still continues to maintain good relations with the wives of colleagues of her ex-spouse on sports activities. It is obvious that spouses in order to pay no attention to the fact that between the former lovers was a conflict. They try to maintain Buzova, therefore, are unable to refuse to have fun her 31st birthday.

      The guests noticed that Buzova prepodnesla a gift in the form of expensive watches from a major foreign manufacturer, the cost of which is estimated at several million. But, apparently, the woman was more concerned about the gifts, and the guests, so she rented the restaurant for the night, so that they could feel as relaxed and at ease.

      Fans of Olga Buzova in Grozny made a joke about her ex-husband

      Note that subscribers of the star are wondering how she managed to organize her birthday in so many places. Fans still remember the day when friend’s celebrity gave her an incredible surprise in Madrid, where for Buzova on a private terrace of her apartment played by local musicians. “I have long dreamed of his birthday to go to another city, and this year I fulfilled and fulfill his dream. Chose to this city, where I feel good where I smile and forget about everything. Thanks to my girls,” wrote Olga on January 20.

      When, after a three-day stay in the Spanish capital, the star of “House-2” flew to Rome and from there on a private plane went to terrible, that many thought that the woman had specifically decided to avoid the celebrations in Moscow, since nothing big planned. However, to the surprise of many of her fans in Moscow Buzova and threw a big party. On their pages in social networks friend Olga joke that her life is just beginning. The star herself acknowledges that with the coming of the new year she has changed dramatically. Arranging a great holiday, she showed followers that feels great surrounded by loved ones for her people.