Ума Турман выиграла скандальный судебный бой за опеку над дочкой
The reputation of the actress and her ex was seriously damaged during the “battle”.

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson

Photo: Instagram.com

In court yesterday in Manhattan ended,
finally, a scandalous trial in which ex-boyfriend Minds
Thurman — Arpad Busson is trying to take away
her four-year-old daughter Luna (full name Rosaline Arkadina of Altalena
Florence). The result of the protracted proceedings, Thurman managed to obtain the sole
custody of the child, and Bussone had to settle for only the right
the monthly visits. This was reported by the website pagesix.com.

The actress, fortunately, managed to defend his
child, but was given it it difficult. In the course of proceedings, her ex-boyfriend
did everything to discredit the actress, as a bad mother. So, he
unproven tried to get her an alcoholic and a drug addict. Besides,
Arpad said that the mother “carries the moon” around the world, moving from one
shooting area to another, which, in his opinion, detrimental to the mental
the health of the child. However, forensic psychologist, talked to a girl
denied all insinuations Bussone.

And in the end broke down and long treasured
the silence of Mind: she publicly expressed everything I thought about my ex. Thurman
accused of Bussana that for almost seven years of their relationship he
became increasingly violent, aggressive and unfriendly. Mind
reported that Arpad demanded that the child received the French (like it), and
not American citizenship, and from the beginning threatened to take away her girl…

In the end, the judge, after hearing the testimony of Thurman and
Bussone, sided with the actress. But since the process was open, in public
“rinse dirty Laundry” has caused serious damage to both his and her reputation.