Жена Владимира Зельдина скончалась
After the legendary actor passed away and his wife.

Vladimir and Yvette Saldini

Today it became known that the wife of Vladimir Zeldin — Yvette E. died at the age of 82 years. While the relatives of the family of the actor did not disclose the details of the incident. Presumably the cause of her death could be cut off the blood clot.

Yvette did not just three months after leaving the life of her legendary husband. The couple met more than 50 years ago. The meeting of Vladimir and Yvette have been life-changing. Met a couple of years, Zeldin proposed to her and since then they were inseparable.

“She was one of the main beauties of the faculty, and the news that Kapralova married to actor Vladimir Zeldin, who is older than her by almost two times, became a sensation. They met when Yvette after graduation came to work in the Bureau of propaganda of Soviet cinema in the Union of cinematographers. Zeldin was then forty-seven years, and the mother of his future wife was just in shock that her daughter is caring and famous, but to her pretty old.

After two years of a romantic relationship, they got married. Easy Yvette had to endure numerous Hobbies and novels of her husband, of whom, according to her, Zeldin draws its energy…” — shared his memories Sadalsky.

We will remind that Vladimir passed away in October last year. The wife was very upset by the death of her husband.