Wait! The spider from “metal Corrosion” has decided to marry Olga Buzova

Дождалась! Паук из «Коррозии металла» решил жениться на Ольге Бузовой
The rocker vowed that the singer and TV presenter will go in gold and diamonds.

Дождалась! Паук из «Коррозии металла» решил жениться на Ольге Бузовой

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Sergey “Spider” Troitsky


For many months in a row, Olga Buzova is the center of attention, so everyone feels the need to speak
about the creation of stars, her shape, appearance, marital status and
other. This is not surprising because, in addition to the successful concert and on tour
activities, the business-projects of the actress soon will start the show “Married
for Buzova”. After graduation Olga might be happily married

it turned out, one of the contenders for the hand and heart became the leader of the group “Corrosion
metal” Spider. Of its intention to take a wife Olga and Sergey Troitsky
said the portal “Storm”. The question
the newspaper, ready to marry TV presenter, rocker confidently replied, “why
would not.”

Olga Buzova will come to our party, and we want to split the Crimean port, I can her
be interested in! —
said the musician. — After the Crimean port wine I anything can
work! Besides the groom I a good, candidate for mayor of Moscow. You See, Olga
Buzova will become the wife of the mayor and Elena Baturina, will be able
to start their own businesses. Will go in gold and diamonds!”

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