Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva in evening dress “blew up” the Network

Фото дочки Ларисы Гузеевой в вечернем платье «взорвало» Сеть
Lola rose luxury beauty.

Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter Cherish

59-year-old Larisa Guzeeva — mother of two
children. The actress and host of “let’s get married!” is the son of George second
spouse Kahi Tolordava and
daughter Olga she
gave birth at 40 years from his third wife, the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers
Of Russia Igor Bukharov.

Recently Olga has changed the image
turning from a Tomboy into a delicate beauty: I must admit, much
the fun mom.

One of the last photos in the social networks girl posing in
black evening dress with beaded embroidery. Gothic image made up
the hair ornament. “Incredibly beautiful daughter! Larissa, I love you!”, “Fantastic!
Daughter as a fairy tale”, “What a sophisticated girl! Like You, Larisa,
youth!”, “You have a beautiful, kind girl. Your genes are. Happiness To You!” —
commented frame fans of Larisa Guzeeva, which again proved that
not only is she a great actress and TV presenter, but also a wise mother. Just a year
ago, the star told in an interview
when Lola was experimenting with the image, she tried not to interfere.

“Why should I deny her something that’s for me
the time, unsuccessfully tried to ban in school? — shared Guzeeva. —Lelka,
like all girls her age do not care what she looks like. Remember
when she was little, wore pantyhose on his head — it was her two pigtails
(I always cut it short). Some beads still hung, painted lips,
was potilas. My mother, a teacher with 40 years of experience, was indignant: “Poor child,
she imagined the skin will spoil”. But I stood up: “Mom, let him painted, I
high quality cosmetics”. And that was when Lelka hair in blue and pink
painted! Mom yelling: “That’s why you allow it in 11 years?” But
first, Lelka experimenting during the holidays in front of the school she
it all washed away. And secondly, I think it will do what you want,
under my supervision, good paint, good specialist than me
to hide and still turns”.

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