Johnny Depp spoke for the first time publicly about his divorce with amber heard

Джонни Депп впервые публично заговорил о своем разводе с Эмбер Херд
The actor spoke about his fall.

Джонни Депп впервые публично заговорил о своем разводе с Эмбер Херд

Johnny Depp


54-year-old johnny Depp decided to finally break the long silence and
told what happened in his life over the last almost two years. That’s how much time has passed since the moment amber heard decided to divorce him.

As admitted johnny, a messy divorce with amber was his
a terrible blow. “Every day I woke up with the feeling of heartache. And tried
to understand, why me?!” —
said the actor. The collapse of the marriage was not
the only problem of the actor. In the same year died his
beloved mother Betty sue, and he soon learned that almost completely lost
his fortune and found himself on the verge of bankruptcy.

“I thought I reached my “bottom”, continue to fall, it was nowhere. I every morning
started with the vodka. Drinking and trying to write music — until then, until he ceased
to see the page because of the tears that trickled from my eyes…” said johnny. As
said the actor, his family was against
his marriage to Hurd, and on this basis he broke it off with her sister and other
relatives. But this did not prevent them to live at his expense: all of them
do not hesitate in spending, and its managers, headed by Joel
Mandel, did not put johnny in recognition of the scale of payments. The family asked me,
and they listed a huge amount.

By the way, managers johnny blames its waste status
which once numbered nearly 600
of millions of dollars. The actor said that Mandel and company abused the trust of the actor, slipped him the papers that he signed without looking. However, Depp, who, in recognition of the working
with him the reporter, even during your interview continuously drank wine, did not deny: and he
had a hand in the embezzlement of state. Only to drink it, according to his Manager, with whom he is now suing, spending a month on 30 thousand. Johnny admitted that it was on a completely different scale of expenditure. “I could have them for this offense. After 30
thousand is ridiculously small. I went onto the wine so much more!” —
boasted Depp.

Johnny Depp and amber heard


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