Владимир Вдовиченков мечтает о гараже
The actor spoke about his hobby.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov


“Now my hobby — machine, — says Vladimir Vdovichenkov. — Holyu and cherish your car, trying to not break down. Unfortunately, I have no garage, and I with slight envy look to those who go to a garage in the club, — said Vladimir. Usually this is a purely male company, where you can talk about his car, and not only. I’ve been missing a club of such communication about work, and about common interests. When on the set is given a break, then I want to talk with drivers about cars”.

His first
the car the actor bought in Lithuania for $ 200. At that time, he worked as a mechanic in
the car, restored old cars. In six months brought to mind and their “penny”,
and after you sold it already for $ 2,000. Then bought a BMW 1979 year of release.

made it from two machines. Next was the Mazda and Opel.

Vladimir moved to Moscow, graduated from VGIK and began acting. First Moscow
car was the five-year BMW 520. Then there was a lot of different cars.
And suddenly he wanted to buy a small car which will be only his. Then
smart is not sold in Russia, and friends brought him the car from Germany. It
was smart BRABUS.