Ольга Бузова покупает для мамы дом в Испании
The presenter intends to buy property in Europe.

Ольга Бузова покупает для мамы дом в Испании

Olga Buzova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Buzova admitted that in order to a lot of work, she needs some kind of noble goal. Dream mom presenter was live on the ground, in his house by the sea. And daughter decided to fulfill this desire. “Many times we talked about that we need a place where we can come, and where no one will find us” — says Buzova. She’s already found some options of real estate in Spain, and now the case for small — to choose one of them.

With mother Irina Alexandrovna


“The main problem is that my mom is a workaholic, — says Olga. — She’s a doctor, occupies a position of responsibility, lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. Would be a big problem to persuade my mother to go to rest, but I hope I will succeed.” Olga herself is the same workaholic, like my mother. She just returned from a tour in the Far East, where she spent her sold out show “the sounds of kissing.” And March 8 Buzova gave all his fans a new song — “She’s not afraid”, which is going to make a video.