Фрэнсис Макдорманд потеряла свой «Оскар»
Actress bitterly mourned his loss.

Фрэнсис Макдорманд потеряла свой «Оскар»

Sam Rockwell, McDormand, Allison Janney and Gary Oldman


With a 60-year-old Francis
McDormand the story happened, where it had
nervous. The actress, awarded this year’s “Oscar” for best actress,
managed to lose it. Francis
forgot where she put it!

It happened during the famous Governor’s Ball, which after the ceremony celebrating the victory
those who were lucky enough to get a statue, drowned in champagne and the sorrow of the losers. In some
the time Francis wanted more time to enjoy your well-deserved prize and
was horrified to find that it’s not where she is, as it seemed, left.

She then began to look for a reward everywhere, and then her search was joined by the husband of the actress —
famous Director and producer Joel Coen. However, even together, they find the statue not
managed. As claimed by the guests of the ball, Francis
bitterly mourned the loss of — literally
sense of the word. But then, he wiped the tears, turned, on the advice of her husband, to security.
And the miracle happened: one of the guards
found “Oscar”, on which was engraved her name.

As for the win
Frances, for which she was awarded the prize, she went into her
“contest” with a very worthy opponent. Yet among them were Meryl Streep herself, to which that nomination was already the 21st, and actress Sally Hawkins
who played a major role in the romantic kinoskazka “Form of water”, recognized not
only the best film, but also become “absolute champion” of the ceremony today.
Recall: this “Oscar” was the second to McDormand: first prize, she was
honoured in 1997 for her role in crime drama “Fargo.”

Frame from the film “Three Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”

Photo: Outnow