Cын Татьяны Лютаевой перестал скрывать возлюбленную Dominik Ramanauskas showed his chosen. A young man meets Sophia who receive education at MSU. Apparently, close to Dominica approve of his choice. The lovers not only spend time in the Metropolitan institutions, but also organize a joint trip abroad.
Cын Татьяны Лютаевой перестал скрывать возлюбленную

18-year-old son of the honored artist of Russia Tatiana Lutaeva Dominik Ramanauskas a student at MSU in the Department of public administration. The heir to the actress – catch. Dominic a lot of fans who follow his page on Instagram. However, recently it became clear that the young man’s heart is taken. Recently he does not hide his darling Sophia.

In social networks there were photos of Dominic and his second half. The lovers are not shy to publicly show feelings to each other. “Dream without fear” – a phrase the son Luchevoy signed the publication. In turn, the girl Dominic also issued a joint picture with the chosen one. Followers of Sophia was delighted with her post. According to many, the young people look great together.

Cын Татьяны Лютаевой перестал скрывать возлюбленную

About beloved Dominica know that she is also a student at MSU, but not the faculty of public administration and the Institute of Asia and Africa. Sophia is actively monitoring news from the world of culture and art. Student of one of the leading universities of Russia leads his Telegram-channel”, performanceduring”, which shares his reviews of theatrical productions and films. Recently, Sophia watched the film “Ice” Oleg Trofim with the participation of Alexander Petrov, Aglaia Tarasova and miloš Bykowicz. The girl was left in awe of the picture. She especially noted music and play Maria Aronova. In addition, Sofia has allocated Petrova, adding that a new look at actor.

Cын Татьяны Лютаевой перестал скрывать возлюбленную “The movie was magical, touching, kind and encouraging! At some points I was barely holding back tears, but just to not drip ink!” summed up the blogger.

Apparently, Dominic and Sophia spend a lot of time with each other. Not long ago, the lovers traveled together to Paris, as evidenced by the photos on social networks. Probably close to a young man approve of his choice. It is known that Dominica is a very intimate relationship with his mother Tatiana Lyutaeva and sister Agnia Ditkovskite. In one interview, Ramanauskas admitted that they do not remember a single moment when the quarrel with the young woman.

At one time Dominica was attributed an affair with a model Alesya Kafelnikov, but he was denied this information. The heirs of the stars went to the same tutor, so became friends. Speaking of that, who is able to win his heart, the son of Tatiana Lutaeva admitted that he admires educated girls.

Cын Татьяны Лютаевой перестал скрывать возлюбленную “On the question of whether blondes or brunettes I prefer, always laugh off – brown-haired women. Actually, the girls I appreciate the tenderness and education. It’s very important to enable them to maintain a dialogue, while not at a primitive level. Very happy, when she understands politics is funny” – shared Dominic.