Владимир Толоконников попал в больницу из-за проблем с сердцем The elderly actor had to take part in performances in Kostanay regional Russian drama theater, but the condition of the men deteriorated immediately after arrival to Kazakhstan. He was urgently hospitalized.

      Владимир Толоконников попал в больницу из-за проблем с сердцем

      Actor of the State academic Russian drama theatre named after Lermontov Vladimir Tolokonnikov was hospitalized during a tour in Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. According to akimat, he was unable to play in the performance scheduled in the poster Kostanay regional Russian drama theatre, as after the arrival of the aircraft with the troupe at the airport man I felt, and he was sent to the hospital.

      In the theater reported that the actor suffered a hard flight, he became ill, so I had to call an ambulance. The play with his participation is cancelled. The administrator of the troupe, Elena Dianova later told local reporters that the moment the life of Vladimir is not in danger.

      “Today in the morning I went to see him. He was transferred from ICU to the ward. Around him the best doctors and specialists of the regional clinical hospital of Kostanay. And today he was eager to tour. Plan it play we were supposed to open. With the doctors we talked, we ask that until Monday he treated her. His heart and bronchi. I think that affected the flight and the heat, which is here. He was eager to leave the hospital, but later admitted that anticipates events. But the head of the Department of pulmonology says he discharged him from the hospital at least ten days before its next flight,” said the woman.

      Tolokonnikov was supposed to play one of the roles in the play “Family portrait with a stranger”. The schedule of the theatre the play had to be replaced with production of “What women want”. Representatives of the organization do not know yet, will have to cancel all shows with the actor or not. According to Dianabol, the star was asked to convey that he is alive and is in a good mood.

      Vladimir Tolokonnikov was born in 1943. In 1973, the actor graduated from the Yaroslavl theatre school. He is known for such films and series as: “Hotabych”, “Crossroads”, “viola: in the world of criminal passions”. The audience is most remembered time in the role of Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov from “heart of a Dog”, the film adaptation of the 1988, the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.

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