Беременную Пелагею обвинили в пластике лица The singer recently became the wife of hockey player Ivan Telegin, much has changed. Seeing one of the last photographs of the star, the fans hardly know there is a member of the jury of the show “the Voice. Children.” According to fans, the woman did something with her face.

      Famous singer Pelageya this summer, was combined by marriage with hockey player Ivan by Telegony. The wedding took place in a Moscow registry office. Some time after this happy event in a press there were messages that the star is expecting a child. During the celebration of its 30th anniversary, Pelagia appeared at the restaurant in loose clothing, through which could be seen the rounded tummy of a young woman. Presumably, the artist is 5-6 months pregnant.

      The last photo Pelageya appeared in Instagram dentist Konnikova Oleg shocked fans of the singer. They noted that artisitc totally not like that glamorous blonde, which they saw in the show “the Voice. Children.” “Pelagia bad plastic made”, “She’s not wearing makeup”, “10 years younger, so yourself and do not like”, – such comments have left fans of the actress under the photo of chief of the dental clinic.

      In spite of its interesting position, Pelagia tries not to miss a single match with her husband Ivan Telegin. One of the games of the hockey club CSKA, the actress was rooting for the beloved husband and friend of Catherine, and in her hands sat a small child.

      Pelageya helps friend to babysit her son. Under one of the pictures with the baby Kate left a funny caption, which calls the girlfriend “Aunt” “to Use in the role of the nurse Pelageya Sergeevna – made. Wake #tatupu in the morning – done for the first time to stand on their own, with #teapo while mom washes – done”. Judging by the photos from the match, wringing really like to do with the child, so the fans believe that she will make an excellent mother.

      Presumably, this year will be very good for the ex-mentor show “the Voice.” Psychic Clara Kuzenbaeva believes that the singer is very lucky in everything, and she did the right thing by marrying Telegin.

      Numerologist: “Pelageya married for convenience”

      “Pelagia has tremendous patience, she is very smart, endowed with tremendous analytical skills. Also celebrity has the sign of artistry. She’s a great hard worker and a very lucky girl – her life. But Pelagia suffer from mood swings and depressions surrounding the sometimes uneasy to be around her. Celebrity quite hard and selfish man, but very brave, hardworking, always for the truth”, – said the expert.

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