Резо Гигинеишвили прокомментировал слухи о разводе Over the news that the famous Director broke up with Nadezhda Mikhalkova. The fans were very concerned about the problems in the star family. Rezo Gigineishvili hastened to tell the truth about the relationship with his wife.

      The news that the famous Director Rezo Gigineishvili and actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova broke up, recently appeared in the media and immediately stirred the entire community. Fans couldn’t believe that happy couples can be some differences. Some publications claimed that the coldness in relations between Rezo and Hope appeared in the winter.

      The husband of the daughter of famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov rushed to stop the spread of false information about his own family happiness. He assured journalists that between him and his wife there is no talk about the breakup, and he has no idea where rumors about the divorce.

      “That’s nonsense! They I will tell about my life?” said Gigineishvili.

      Hope and Rezo tied the knot in 2009. During married life and they had two children, daughter Nina and son Ivan. The famous actress, who recently debuted as a film Director, admitted that because of the work she and her husband can’t always be around. Moreover, last year, he spent a lot of time in the film “Without limits,” which was filmed in Georgia. Despite the distance, it does not affect their relationship.

      “We see each other, regularly visit each other for the shooting. When possible, I and you will take the children so they could communicate with dad. I have no feeling of disunity,” – said Mikhalkov in an interview.

      Rumors that Hope and Rezo divorced, surprised all of the famous family. The owner of the Fund “Russian silhouette” Tatyana Mikhalkov has told that the daughter was all right. “I first heard about it and did not read it! Our media are writing that I am just scared. The first time I am hearing about this now. Nikita says in such cases, you know that. You know how much I read about Nikita? That he has 20 wives and 50 children. The news is questionable, I don’t want to discuss it”, – expressed his opinion of the spouse of Nikita Khrushchev.

      Sister 29-year-old Hope Anna has told that, probably, between the pair there have been some disagreements that took it as a breakup. “They’re not divorced, this is complete nonsense. Just as in any couple, in life there are different periods. But no more!” – said the relative in an interview with Life.ru.

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