Агнии Дитковските приписывают роман с состоятельным мужчиной As reported, in early summer family actress moved to live in a mansion in the elite village on the ruble. Before Ditkovskite and her family were forced to take shelter. Surrounded by the stars say that the new cottage – a gift from a mysterious admirer of the 28-year-old woman.

      Агнии Дитковските приписывают роман с состоятельным мужчиной

      In early summer, Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite moved to a mansion on the ruble. At the moment the Actresses are engaged in repair of their homes. Women have altered the adjacent room, living room and kitchen area of 50 sq. m. living room set, modular sofa, and the table is located the chest. Create the perfect space in pastel colors that I would like to gather the whole family, helped the crew from “a Perfect repair”.

      According to the designer Dmitry Prasolov originally the house looked overly decorative. The actress has altered all by itself, adding to the interior many good parts and replacing the heavy staircase with iron railings. Work on the project took two months. Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite completed temperamental repair

      Reportedly, the cost of the new mansion Luchevoy and Ditkovskite is assessed on the real estate market approximately 85-100 million rubles, and the modification of the home cost another $ 3 million. Surrounded by stars rumor has it that the acquisition of the property they allegedly helped the new beloved Agnes.

      “Of course, to save such a huge amount to buy the house neither Agnes nor Tatiana could not. Most likely, with the purchase of the cottage helped secret patron Ditkovskite – a large Ukrainian businessman. They met in 2012, when Agnes arrived in Kiev to present there the first Lithuanian film “Hot heart”. At that time they with Lesha Chadov was another gap, they have not communicated, and everyone thought that it’s forever. Here is the actress, and was courting this influential master. But nowhere it does not Shine, because he didn’t like the publicity, because at that time he was married,” – said a family friend Olga.

      According to the familiar Ditkovskite, elect Agnes allegedly owns his construction business. As Olga told the journalists of “Express-Gazeta”, the man also owns a company for fertilizer production, which brings considerable income. Ditkovskite hide his boyfriend, so as not to cause the spread of rumors.

      By the way, Tatiana lutaeva very glad that their families got their own housing. The actress shares videos and photos from new home in your Instagram. The mansion area of 300 square meters situated on a plot of 25 acres, where the family plans to arrange a garden. Have Ditkovskite have an assistant who helps maintain order in such a vast territory.

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