Vladimir Soloviev hit with harsh criticism of colleagues

Владимир Соловьев обрушился с жесткой критикой в адрес коллеги The broadcaster expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of Yuri Dude that leads to your YouTube channel. Vladimir Solovyov has not stinted on negative remarks about a prominent journalist. According to the presenter, that should not have to give their assessment of the work of Yuri Bykov.
Владимир Соловьев обрушился с жесткой критикой в адрес коллеги

20 Oct Vladimir Solovyov birthday: he was 54 years old. Recently a man staged a scandal Yuri Dude. The reason for the verbal attacks against the YouTube stars was the opinion of the journalist of the TV series “Sleeping” Yuri Bykov. Presenter read the post Dude in social networks, replacing obscene words. After this Solovyov said that the incompetent representative of his profession. According to him, Yuri purposely uses the Mat, to become a youth audience.

“Dude! Well, you can even now… You’re not Cord! And your pathetic attempt to be a Cord in journalism incompetent as you are. The boy, well Wake up! To sit in the frame to read the writing it is not clear who issues and pretend that you are skinny Snowbird, and laughing and swearing — doesn’t make you a journalist. All your visits show that less talented than Sobchak, and certainly not Cord,” said the presenter.

Soloviev sure that Dude “looking for sponsors”. “Who are you kidding? Well, not get you even “Match TV”, well, you do not go into the adult business. The Mat does not replace a brain”, — shared the leading radio “Vesti FM”.

Analyzing the behavior of the opponent, Solovyov also came to the conclusion that he “just wants to hypnoti”. Leading remembered nashumevshemu rap battle of Oxymoron and Purulent. A video in which they publicly insulted each other, gained over 25 million views on YouTube.

“Hypnoti wanted? Another under-Oxxxymiron and under-Purulent,” said the man.

Meanwhile, Yuri Dude does not respond to criticism. Instead, the journalist publicly appealed to Ksenia Sobchak. According to Yuri, decision teledive to run for President caused him confusion. Dude offered Sobchak to tell him about the reasons for his actions.

“Ksenia, a long time, you were an inspiration to me. Of course, not all, but — sure. You’ve been the person who has everything and who can never work. But while you work — private, [probably] honestly and passionately. Such ambitions and such work I have always respected. But today you have committed the strangest and probably the most dumb thing this year. I am very sad, I do not understand you, but still want to understand your motives,” said Yuri.

Itself Ksenia has not yet responded to the appeal of the journalist.