The eldest daughter Rasputina: “Thank you mum, she didn’t dump me”

The eldest daughter Rasputina: "Thank you mum, she didn't dump me" Lidiya Ermakova, who is now in hospital, has recorded a video message for her mother, expressing her gratitude for the support. Masha Rasputina has always tried to help a friend, on whose share fell a large number of tests.
The eldest daughter Rasputina: "Thank you mum, she didn't dump me"

Singer Masha Rasputina became the heroine of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. The artiste talked about his path to success and the trials that befell her. That celebrity was reunited with her eldest daughter, the whole country found out in June of last year. The star was extremely tense relations with the father of Lydia Vladimir Ermakov, who claimed that Mary forbids him to communicate with the heiress. In early October, a man died. According to some, he suffered from epilepsy and could barely make ends meet. Myself Rasputin believes that for a long time put an end to relations with Yermakov, who became a stranger to her man.

The civil wife of the late Vladimir Ermakov scandals with his son because of the things

It is known that Lydia has some health problems, so it affects doctors. Rasputin always tried to help a close relative, but does not advertise this information. In the broadcast transmission Korchevnikov showed a video of the daughter stars.

“I’m Lydia Yermakova, I want to thank my mother and her family for what they are I never gave up, because they forgave me when I repented all over the country, adopted into his family. Mom, Victor evstafievich, their children. I am very grateful, I love them very much. They carry me and groceries and things my mother never forgot. I thank them very much,” said Lydia.
The eldest daughter Rasputina: "Thank you mum, she didn't dump me"

Rasputin admitted that for many years when she could not establish a common language with her daughter, became her ordeal. The singer was suffering from nightmares and worried about the fate of his daughter.

The eldest daughter Rasputina: "Thank you mum, she didn't dump me"“A difficult period. Very hard and painful when you Wake up in the night, drenched in hot sweat. Heart pounding, because the soul no rest, when mother and the person lost in their thoughts and actions. It’s hard, very hard. But thank God, the Lord gave me strength of spirit. Due to this I survived… I prayed constantly. And then something happened, like fate shook-shook and released. I asked God: “have Mercy on me, a sinner, repent before you. But give me back my eldest daughter,” he told the star.

At the end of the program Rasputin turned to myself in the past. “We have to go to the light, to go to God — that’s the main thing,” said the celebrity.

Recall that the eldest daughter is a famous actress born in 1985. Dad and Lydia Vladimir Ermakov Masha Rasputina broke up twenty years ago. Now, the singer is happily married to businessman Viktor Zakharov, the couple have shared the heiress Maria.