Spouse Tatyana Bulanova revealed the truth about the divorce

Супруг Татьяны Булановой раскрыл правду о разводе Vladislav Radimov explained how their relationship. According to the player, they with Tatiana did not swear and did not divorce. The husband and wife are still living together and happy.
Супруг Татьяны Булановой раскрыл правду о разводе

In 2016, the media appeared information about the fact that Tatiana Bulanova divorced with her husband Vladislav Radimov. In one of the programs, the singer said about divorce. However, after a few months, the Network began to appear pictures of the actress and her husband. Fans were perplexed, as the star of the 90s did not comment on such pictures. Radimov has decided to clarify the whole situation.

Tatyana Bulanova has confirmed her divorce from her husband

The footballer told that they live together and even went home. According to Vladislav, in their passports have no stamp of dissolution of marriage.

“I’m tired and sick questions! That and shrugged, “Consider that we are divorced”. In fact – nothing happens”, – explained Tatiana in gear Radimov.

Spouse Bulanova claims that he often receives calls from the television and offer to participate in talk show, where he will ask questions about the relationship with the singer.

“I will go and tell about the things that he did not commit? I need this? I’m a grown man! Let them write and say what they want. Don’t care,” said Vladislav.

However, as admitted by the athlete, he did not forbid his wife to appear in TV programs as it promised large sums of money. He joked in one of the conversations with the editor of transmission, he was ready to talk about life with Tatyana only for a million euros.

In an interview with reporters Radimov also remembered the second resonant story that made a lot of noise. A year and a half ago from the sportsman license is suspended for driving under the influence. He spent several hours at the police station where him and his wife came.

Husband Bulanova deprived of rights for drunk

“Actually, it’s a complete stupidity on my part! In fact, drinking with friends wine. I had to literally move across the bridge… Fine, which was offered by the cops, I couldn’t keep up. Said, “Better get right”. So at least more honest” – says Vladislav.

Now the athlete will retake the exam in the traffic police. He argues that, taking into account his driving experience, it is not difficult to answer the questions. As told Vladislav in an interview with “Sport-Express”, he never allows himself to even come close to the car in an alcohol intoxication.