Владимиру Преснякову надоели новости про Ольгу Бузову The actor has frankly told about how to treat the boys. Presnyakov told why it rarely appears on television and reads about himself online only positive comments. Singer also spoke about the career of Olga Buzova.
Владимиру Преснякову надоели новости про Ольгу Бузову

Vladimir Presnyakov March 29 will be 50 years old. On the eve of a musician openly talked about raising two sons – Nikita and Artemia. The artist also spoke, as relates to the modern trends in the world of show business.

According to the artist, the eldest son is just beginning his career, much of the public is not yet ready for his songs. However, the father is convinced that the heir will reach your goal. “Absolutely. And I am sure that his music still reaches people,” – said Presnyakov.

Vladimir explained that trying to support Nikita. The famous father said that the young man often perceived only as the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. Today, however, the public is another and attention to the heir of the star couple has changed. “People of his generation are much more loyal and kinder, but still he constantly is pursuing the theme of “grandson Pugacheva, son Presnyakov-Aguilera, these popsovikov” and I honestly wonder how he has enough strength to endure it,” – shared Presnyakov.

The singer told about the methods of upbringing of the heir of Artemis. He and his wife Natalia Podolskaya allowed to watch only son cartoons.

“Basically our “Winnie the Pooh”, for example, and even cartoons about cars and airplanes. But everything else — not on screen is real. We are inculcating the love of sports, he skis, he goes to kindergarten, singing songs. For example, today, when I arrive, he has to learn a song about monkey and me present. I’m not a blogger, of course. I just want to wear something nice and kind. You will not find in my Instagram, something terrible, bad, so I say, for example, that I am not happy with my wife. But something that raises a smile, I always lay. And I will not watch, as I have likes”, – said the Presnyakov.

The singer said that reading only positive reviews online. As recognized by Vladimir, he did not expect that he has so many fans.

“For me it’s not normal – for me it is super. I appreciate that absorb; things that I write, is very important to me. Sometimes these comments are delicious, with poems such clever”, – said Vladimir. However Presnyakov said that many articles on the Internet trying not to read, considering them pointless.

“All these stories, who live day, for example, “Buzova showed Tits”, sure someone will take and will write. Next day — Buzova again did something — anything, by the way, don’t mind this girl, she’s kind, cool. But all this is a matter of days. You forget that in Russia the day before yesterday”, – said the Presnyakov.

The actor said that he watches only for the political news. However, in the talk show, which devoted to this subject, not going to participate. “To play in some charity events – without any problems, I always do. For the kids to boarding schools, only that I consider important. And something political – no,” said Presnyakov edition of “Medusa”.