Алла Пугачева о здоровье: «Мне трудно дышать, но я должна жить ради детей» The recent emergence of the famous singer in the audience was the occasion for a lively debate on social networks. Fans have discussed the appearance of Alla Pugacheva, who voted at a polling station in Zvenigorod. Communicating with the Internet user, the artist called on haters to calm down.
Алла Пугачева о здоровье: «Мне трудно дышать, но я должна жить ради детей»

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva is one of the most popular women in the Network. On Sunday, the star took part in the elections together with her husband Maxim Galkin. The couple appeared at a polling station in Zvenigorod. The artist was in a good mood, and she enjoyed communicating with the fans.

The Russian presidential election: how to vote Pugacheva, Buzova, say, Depardieu

Alla Borisovna appeared before the public in an informal style. The singer appeared on the station in light blue jeans, a pink sweater and a plain hoodie. Star complements the image of your sunglasses. As usual, the appearance of Pugacheva has provoked heated discussions in social networks. While some wrote celebrity compliments, while others were in a hurry to criticize.

Alla Borisovna has got acquainted with the review Internet users left under the post of one of the fan pages, and decided to answer the detractors. The star urged them to calm down and stop unnecessary discussions. Pugacheva admitted that her condition is far from perfect due to age. The artist has young children – Lisa and Harry who need his mother. Celebrity feels his duty to the heirs.

Алла Пугачева о здоровье: «Мне трудно дышать, но я должна жить ради детей»

Fans of the band were quick to support her and advised not to pay attention to the opinion of the envious. “Health and good luck”, “We love you and your work”, “Everyone would be so old! Want to follow the example of Alla and her family I wish happiness and health”, “Good”, “Perfect at any age,” wrote the fans of a celebrity.

Informed Diva is posted in the microblog the photo without makeup. The Alla was the occasion for lively discussions in the comments. She Pugacheva chose not to react critics.

Alla Pugacheva posted a selfie without makeup

A day later, Alla went to the polls, where willingly answered questions of journalists. The star said that he believes participation in the election of the head of state his duty. The singer was pleased with the organization of the process. According to the artist, the debate about the future of the country is “fine.”

“Many years ago I felt that everything is very organized. People flocked, buffet, dancing with an accordion. It was truly a holiday-a holiday. Especially did not think, who to vote for, because we decided all upstairs. And the holiday definitely was the soul of the people, because they felt citizens of their country and felt that they have influence, maybe it was an illusion. And now, of course, the progress I was amazed. The first time I see such organization and such perfection: the latest technology, all so easy. To let go – all over the Internet. Civilization!” – told the Diva.

To the question about what she wished the President, Alla Borisova quoted book “the Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov. “Never ask me again. Themselves all offer themselves will give everything,” said star.