Vladimir Presnyakov admitted infidelity Christina Aguilera

Владимир Пресняков признался в изменах Кристине Орбакайте Musician blames himself for the collapse of relations. Vladimir Presnyakov for the first time openly talked about why it collapsed civil marriage with Christina Orbakaite. The singer said that twenty years ago he was the “wrong person.
Владимир Пресняков признался в изменах Кристине Орбакайте

Daughter Alla Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite was the first love in the life of Vladimir Presnyakov. 11 years they lived in a civil marriage, but the wedding has not played, despite the fact that in 1992 they had a son Nikita.

Vladimir Presnyakov gave to understand that it is still terribly upset over what happened twenty years ago, when she and Christina stopped being a couple. The blame for the collapse of relations, the musician took over. In the “Secret” one million Presnyakov said that in those days he wasn’t the right person, as it is now. His life was the rock-n-roll, hanging out with friends, clubs, he often didn’t come home.

“We had a sleepless party. We could drink several bottles of cognac, but not to be drunk. We could with Leonid Agutin to see the sunrise on Sparrow hills. Kristina had suffered. There were other women, of course. Christine is touched, but the Baltic blood let know her – I never even said anything”, – told about his life Vladimir Presnyakov.

Christina Aguilera during this difficult period decided to go head first into creativity and started to conquer the musical Olympus. Bright and fast she burst onto the scene, winning the love of fans. According to Vladimir Presnyakov, it was difficult to make a success of his wife.

“Oh Kristine, all began to talk. Of course, I “had” fangs, – said the musician. – I gathered and my girl, which I adored, I was always accompanied. And then it formed a leader, a real singer”.

As told Presnyakov, then they Christine realized that can not exist as husband and wife. They parted long and painful. For the past several years. First went to Vladimir, then finally Christine.

“I let her go with incredible pain. Better a bullet to the stomach than that… – continues Vladimir Presnyakov. – I went to Church, sat there for hours. But nothing better to drink, I didn’t find”.

Some time later, the musician married the fashion designer Lena Lena, which was taken with his colleagues Igor Saruhanov. However, this relationship did not bring happiness Presnyakov. This marriage lasted only four years. His only love now Vladimir Presnyakov calls his wife Natalia Podolsky. The couple have been together for twelve years, seven of which are married. His favorite “party dude”. Why the relationship Podolsk and Presnyakov not as simple as it seems